Founded by Vaishali Shah, Ananya is a multi award-winning design studio, with 12 years history of crafting exquisite wedding and event stationery

From a very young age, I have travelled extensively to different parts of the world and have always been fascinated by the different cultures I have encountered. I found their designs, architecture, textiles, motifs and symbols, and how they were expressed in various forms very beautiful. These diverse art forms inspired in me a desire to find a way to bring them to life in a modern, contemporary context.

My opportunity came in 2006 when I noticed a lack of high end stationery that expressed global cultural events and influences. Research revealed a great need for such stationery. Having spotted the gap in the market, I knew that I had found my niche. I had always loved stationery in all forms since childhood, so in 2006, I launched my own stationery business, which I named Ananya. I was in stationery heaven!

12 years on, and Ananya has evolved to include bespoke wedding collections for multicultural couples where aspects of the different cultures are woven into the design. Taking inspiration from specific elements of the couple’s cultural backgrounds that are meaningful to them, whether that be religious symbols, motifs or textiles, we make the wedding stationery truly bespoke and personal to them.

Our collections include florals, timeless classics, geometrics, watercolours, paisley, India inspired, lace, tropical designs and more.

Our main aim is to make the personality and identity of the bridal couple shine forth in the stationery design. Our detailed consultations with the couple are designed to give us in depth information on the preferences and the type of overall look the couple is going for – whether it is on trend, classic, traditional, monochrome or vibrant.

We love working with couples who have an appreciation of beautiful, quality stationery and who recognise that their wedding stationery is a way for them to express their style and set the tone for their wedding.



Ananya Loves…

  • Travelling to exotic places
  • Colours, details, and patterns
  • Sparkles and spa treatments