Yup we like the D word on Nu Bride and enjoy inspiring others to be part of making the industry a more inclusive space for couples.

This page is a place for business owners to find out more about diversity in the wedding industry, common challenges faced and how to make your business more inclusive and representative for wonderful Nu Bride readers and couples who are all too often under-represented.

You’re 35% more likely to be outsold and out-performed by your peers if your business is not diverse *(McKinsey) and consumers are more likely to engage with a product or service if they see themselves represented.

These articles span across several years and should help you better understand some of the challenges and get you fired up to get started and make some initial changes.

If you are ready to do more work and dig deeper to find out how you can make your business more current, more inclusive, profitable and a representative space for couples without causing offence, getting it wrong or tokenising, you can find more information; on my popular pick my brain sessions perhaps to sense check language, or a one-off campaign,  or casting call,  online diversity courses, in-house workshops and full diversity business reviews and consultancy, over on my business page novareid.com



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