How to be sustainable with your wedding stationery without compromising the luxe

We know that with weddings comes frivolity. No judgement, just fact.

And weddings can be a potential source of a lot of waste. Sustainability is more than just a hot topic. It is not a passing trend; it’s fast becoming a global movement, with many recognising the damaging effects of wanton waste to our planet. Our panel discussion on sustainability at Nu Bride The Wedding show was one of our most popular talks  and as a Nu Bride follower I know you are socially conscious and not only care about value for money, but sustainability without compromising on quality and seeking tips to be more mindful of sustainability and how you can reduce paper waste during your celebration.

Today I am joined by Vaishali founder of Ananya Cards to talk about how you can  play your part too by making your wedding as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible if you choose to have paper stationery.

Over to Vaishali.

According to The Green Bride Guide, an average wedding creates 400 lbs of waste and 63 tons of carbon dioxide.  Ariel Dekovic, co-author of 365 Ways to Save the Earth states that “Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, the energy equivalent of 380 gallons of oil, and keeps almost 60 pounds of pollutants out of the atmosphere.”

A stationery suite that includes the save the date, invitation, RSVP, menu, place card, for example, can amount to a great deal of paper being used.

So if you want paper invites here are some ideas to help you enjoy a guilt free wedding, with suggestions and ways that Ananya is innovating and adapting when it comes to providing eco-friendly wedding stationery.


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Use earth friendly cardstock. This can be from sustainably managed forests, which is what Ananya has always done.

You can also speak to your stationer about using recycled materials, vegetable-based inks, plantable paper products embedded with seeds, cotton items, or even bamboo options. How about paper from post-consumer waste?


Use vegetable-based inks such as soy for printing. An increasing number of printers are offering a variety of eco-friendly inks.

TOP TIP –  You don’t have to print on paper – calligraphy on rocks or glass can be striking!

You could reduce the number of inserts in your invitations by directing people to your wedding or event website for any extra details.

By incorporating elements of digital stationery in the suite you will lessen the use of paper. So, if digital invitations and save the dates make more practical sense in order to get your guests to your event, why not wow them with some extra detailed printed stationery for the wedding day itself. Perhaps the stationery suite could include personalised favours, bespoke illustrations, or hand-finished touches.

Wedding favours

If you are having wedding favours, consider making them from natural or recycled paper. What about using recycled seed packets?  Ananya has used seed packets as favours with great success. 

Edible favours that are locally sourced also make a lovely change.

TOP TIP –  You could choose to make a donation to a worthy eco-friendly project or charity in lieu of a tangible gift for your guests to take home. 

Pare down

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Strip back. Have just one or two menu cards on the table rather than one per individual setting. 

TOP TIP – A seating chart for your guests on a chalkboard is a great reusable alternative to card.

Gifting ideas

Let your guests know you would like eco-friendly and locally sourced gifts which are not wrapped.

You can also give them a choice to make a donation instead of a gift to your favourite eco-friendly charity or cause. 

At Ananya, for every order received, we have trees planted for us by a non-profit organisation. This is another way that we can help protect the environment and give back to Mother Nature.

Keepsakes and souvenirs

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To keep the memories of the special day alive, one of the things we have done at Ananya is to create beautiful scented paper flowers as favours that become wedding keepsakes or a perfect 1st year anniversary gift. 

TOP TIP: Products such as seed packets or wildflower infused plantable paper will produce flowers and vegetables you can enjoy well after the wedding while encouraging and protecting pollinators such as bees and butterflies. The resulting plants and flowers become a rich source of nectar and pollen.

For your close family, the wedding invitations will probably become a treasured keepsake, cherished for many years to come, and a trigger for the happiest of memories.

As event guest lists become more global, as the digital age extends to more and more aspects of our lives, and as the need to look after our planet becomes increasingly more urgent,  paperless stationery has seen a rise in popularity. Here at Ananya we are, of course, lovers of paper and printing craftmanship and believe you can have the luxury and beauty of wedding invitations whilst still being socially conscious. More importantly we are lovers of celebrations, stories, and the wonderful ways in which people connect. We hope we have inspired you to be creative and inventive as you plan your special day. Have fun with the process!

If you would like any further information on wedding stationery, please contact Vaishali Shah at Ananya for more information // Instagram: @ananyacards 

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