My Wedding Style Reimagined with Charlie Brear

I tell you something, being styled by celeb stylist and designer Charlie Brear is an absolute dream! No one knows how to transform an outfit with accessories and layers like Charlie!

I’ve always had a soft spot for Charlie Brear. They were one of two U.K. designers I instantly noticed when I was engaged 8 years ago as the only two who actively and consistently used black women and women of colour in their bridal campaigns. It’s one of the reasons I knew I wanted them to be part of Nu Bride The Wedding Show. 

So I’ve always had a soft spot for them because they didn’t enable what was so often believed in fashion houses, media and the wedding industry that “black women don’t sell” and used us and others to front their campaigns, without apology. They saw us. They saw our beauty and they cared about providing a service that included us when so many designers didn’t and still don’t.


When Charlie asked me if I would take part in a style diary to visit their London dreamy boutique to explore what I would wear if I got married again (to Mr Nu Bride of course) I had to say yes.


The North London boutique has such a friendly laid back vibe with interior design to die for. Charlie and I spoke about why I started Nu Bride 8 years ago when I felt invisible as a modern British black woman, and the frustrating truth is I know many of you as readers still feel the way I did 8 years ago, so we also had a blissful unedited conversation about the wedding industry, racism and white privilege. And this and their chic talent is why I love the Charlie Brear brand and why they remain one of my favourite diversity consultancy clients.

What team Charlie Brear are great at is making your outfits go further, she was showing me how easily I can repurpose some of my most favourite outfits I picked out by chopping and changing separates adding to taking away items to create a different feel. Such as layering a jumpsuit and a large overskirt as we did in Style Diary 3 and simply by removing the skirt and changing a belt you are left with a completely fresh outfit for the evening.  Charlie is a goddess of using accessories and vintage jewellery to add to each look. Charlie’s separates are a simple but brilliant and sustainable way to wear your weeding outfit more than once. To get more than your monies worth and avoid waste by restyling it for every day settings with a crop, cut (if you’re brave) and being clever with styling. Such as styling a separates top with a pair of jeans and heels for a night out.

Here are some of my favourite items that we reimagined for Nu Bride Wedding part 2 – and what I would wear if I got to marry all over again. It’s been 8 years since our wedding day and it that time I have grown as a person and my style has drastically changed, I am much more confident in who I am in terms of my identity and definitely have developed my own sense of style (to be fair – Charlie helped with this lol) so my choices were MUCH more daring than they were at a 31 year old bride (am I giving my age away now)

Enjoy my style diary!

Style 1 – Engagement Party


Style 2 – Rehearsal Dinner


Style 3 – Wedding Ceremony


Style 4 – Wedding Ceremony Option 2 – The Jumpsuit and Cape

Style 5 –  Wedding Reception Dancing


Style 6 –  Breakfast – the morning after the night before! Or a city chic wedding idea.

Here we are having an unedited chat about racism, privilege and why progress with diversity and intentional inclusion in the wedding industry and why the industry remains so painfully slow over on IGTV I even share a few tips on what brands start to do to be part of the solution.  Hop on over to instagram more style diary musings.

The Talent

Photography Charlie Brear // instagram: @Charlie_brear

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