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My goodness, I have an absolute corker to share with you today.

 Meet the very gorgeous Lehdeen and Handy who were taking part in a photoshoot and Handy had the idea to propose to Lehdeen halfway through the shoot! Engaged in September last year and are getting married almost exactly a year later! 

Handy managed to arrange for the wonderful and equally cunning Emma-Jane Photography to capture his proposal under the sneaky guise of a birthday photoshoot, which left this pair with an absolutely beautiful set of images capturing their story. 

Discover more about this glamorous pair and their London photoshoot captured beautifully by Emma-Jane Photography below

How you met?


We met in August 2013, when Handy joined a young adult ministry group at church that I had joined earlier in the year. I was late to a meeting, and there was only one seat left next to a well-dressed guy who happened to be the only face I didn’t recognise. I thought he was cute, but was interested in someone else, and so was he. Nothing happened for some time, but we remained in contact through our involvement in the church group.

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Our friendship developed from constant banter and jokes, to more serious conversations about life experiences and dreams for the future…and then one day we both realised that we had in each other what we had been looking for all along. In an instant we went from being friends to wanting to spend forever together, and from that moment the adventures began.



Proposal story?


Handy and I wanted to celebrate our birthdays together in London, and booked flights for the trip…but did not plan a single detail after that.

Two weeks before we were due to arrive, we finally started working out birthday and sightseeing plans. Handy suggested doing a photo shoot for my birthday and initially I said no, as cameras make me extremely uncomfortable.

Eventually I agreed, on the condition that he would do it with me.

Although cameras also make him uncomfortable, he obliged and then proceeded to look for a photographer. I laughingly told him no-one would respond to his request on such short notice, but we eventually found Emma, and things just fell into place.

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I never once suspected that Handy would propose in London, mostly because Handy never expected to either.

I mean this to say, Handy had plans to propose later in the year, and the combination of his excitement and my nosiness led to me figuring out the general idea – terrible, I know. (Nu Bride: Hilarious! You sound like me LOL!) In my defence, he was so excited that he kept accidentally dropping hints which helped me piece the idea together.

Armed with this knowledge, as well as the fact that we genuinely did not have plans until two weeks before arriving in London, and the fact that Handy is nothing if not methodical, I (un)safely concluded that this trip was not the trip. With one week remaining before our departure to London, Handy realised that I did not suspect a thing and decided to switch plans by proposing during the shoot.

(Nu Bride: Smooth!)

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DSC_9729ed DSC_9730ed

As we were getting ready, a cinematographer showed up to film us and “get behind the scenes footage for the photographer”, and then Handy disappeared for a good bit of time.

I was getting increasingly nervous during hair and makeup, and then suddenly it was time to head to the location of the shoot. We took a number of shots, started to slowly get into the shoot…and then suddenly Handy was next to me, wearing a mic. He popped the magical question, I burst into tears, and we have been living happily-ever- planning-a-wedding-like- madmen after.

It’s been a whirlwind year for us, and we’re looking forward to the years to come!


Favourite things about each other?


My favourite thing about Lehdeen is the fact that she makes me feel comfortable in my own skin, I can just be myself. We are both dreamers, and therefore we are able to dream together. That’s the greatest feeling. She is my most supportive person, and she is the most beautiful individual that I know inside and out. I am a blessed man!



I can’t pick a favourite! Handy is thoughtful, generous, loving, supportive, and makes me feel comfortable being my truest self. We both like to dream big, and he encourages me to dream bigger and make those dreams come true. I am incredibly blessed to have him and the laughter and adventure he has brought into my life.


What are you looking forward to most about marrying each other?


Seeing the world, accomplishing our goals, and just being able to enjoy life together is what we look forward to most. We’ve only just begun.


The Video


The Talent

Emma-Jane Photography

Hair and makeup: www.naomiholdsworth.com

Styling: www.compendiumamplified.com

Promo Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWZeDc6XNGE&feature=youtu.be

Credits Filmed by Stefano Perugini: http://www.stefanoperugini.com

Video edited by Elvis Shabani: https://www.youtube.com/user/es89Productions

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