Christmas and Holiday Season Table Styling Tips

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Interrupting your weekend for a clever little pre Crimbo and holiday season styling tips for you to tuck into if you and your beau are hosting this year. You don’t have to spend a lot to make an impact with your table styling. To help we are joined by Sarah founder of Hiding in the City Flowers to share a few clever ways to bring the outside in, create an easy, homely and elegant feel using props & seasonal flowers to make an impact with your table styling choices!  Over to Sarah!

This year is the first year I am hosting Christmas, I feel very grown up and a little self-pressured to make the table look great, as technically styling tables is what pays my mortgage. Whatever I decide, I want it to be easy, and I want it to be easy (…and look stunning).  Below I’ve gathered some of my thoughts to help you create an elegant, natural, Christmas table.

Tip 1

Think about the physical table itself. Are you joining multiple tables together? If you are, then it makes sense to disguise these with a tablecloth in a single colour as I’m sure they won’t match. I have memories of my mum using garden furniture to get the kids around when I was younger. Needless to say H and M Home have a lovely selection in versatile textures and colours, or alternatively you can buy inexpensive multiple white table cloths and napkins and machine dye them all to the colour you want. All this is easy, and you can prepare well in advance, I promise. I dyed bedlinen recently and I opened a pack into the washing machine and 2 washes later it was all like new. 

Tip 2

What colour is your dining set? Most households have white plates, and they probably will be a little mismatched if you have more than normal amounts of guests coming for Christmas lunch. If your plates are mismatched you can disguise this and smarten it all up by adding something cohesive, such as a coloured napkin (as suggested above) or a floral table setting directly onto each of your plates. Making a place setting can be as simple as taking sprigs of pine from your tree and tying a little ribbon around in your chosen colour palette, or oven drying some oranges. All can be done in advance and just laid out when your setting the table.

Tip 3

The table centre needs to look impactful but you need to make sure there is space for the food. The key to this can be to have lots of little details that can be scattered down the table and easily repositioned if it turns out you need more space.

Think about using products that are easy to get your hands on and won’t break the bank and you can use again. I love using plants that I can re purpose around the house or garden, candlesticks that I can plonk in bottles, seasonal fruits that can be nibbled with cheese after dinner and foliage and twigs from the garden that cost me nothing.  


Tip 4

Kids and candles do not mix, but to me, candlelight is key. I don’t budge on this and light for impact and then move these from the table around the room as the food comes out.

This all leads to a really relaxed table that feels very intricate and “feast” like, but can be put together really quickly.

If you want re recreate this look – you will need the following:

  • Log from fire pile (I don’t have a fire pile, this was my door stop to the shed that I’d hosed down and dried)
  • X2 poinsettia 
  • Load of apples, but you could use grapes, figs, pomegranates etc
  • Candles and twigs popped in bottles
  • Fabric runner generously swagged down the table.
  • Dried fruit
  • Dried floral table setting tied in a ribbon

Good luck!

For more information on Hiding in the City Flowers hop on over to their website:‎

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Photography: Hiding in the City Flowers

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