5 Ways to Make Your Multicultural Wedding Stand Out With Your Wedding Stationery

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One of the things I am proud of at Nu Bride is celebrating so many of your love stories, encouraging you to express who you are and seeing how you blend your cultures together even if that means creating your own rules or shaking up traditions. 

Today we are joined by Vaishali, founder of Ananya Cards who specialises in creating wedding stationery for modern multicultural couples who want to make an impact to share some tips on how to make your wedding stand out from the crowd with your wedding invitations.

This one is a CORKER! Notepads at the ready! Over to Vaishali!

Multicultural weddings are on the rise and your wedding is a beautiful way to enable your guests to get an insight into your heritages especially when aspects of your individual cultures are creatively combined into the stationery. At Ananya, we create stationery for mixed interracial couples who want something authentic and original inspired by their cultural heritage.

Here are some suggestions on how to achieve this:

Symbols, traditions and colours

Symbols traditions and colours of your cultures can be creatively incorporated into the stationery. You can use a swatch of fabric you love, such as batik or Kente, or a motif such as a mandala or lotus, that has a particular cultural significance through the design of the invitation. 

Another idea would be to incorporate the flags of each person’s country, or the colours of the flags into the stationery – very effective!

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Make a wedding booklet to explain the significance of the symbols used and unusual facts that relate to the wedding ceremony or provide key translations to help guests understand and encourage them communicate with each other if your wedding is in more than one language. This will enhance the experience for guests unfamiliar with your cultural nuances and can be a beautiful keepsake after the wedding.


Personalise and give a touch of elegance to multicultural wedding stationery with monograms. There are many innovative ways to use monograms beyond their traditional use in stationery.  Not only are symbols, flowers and animals being incorporated into the monogram, but the placement of the monogram has moved to the dance floor, the lining of the groom’s suit, and as one of the layers of the wedding cake, such that it is revealed as the cake is cut. Lovely! 

For example –  for an Indian wedding the monogram can be used in the mandap. For a Jewish wedding, it can be placed on the wedding chuppah, and for a traditional English wedding, the monogram could be embroidered on the ring cushion. 

For Hindu weddings, invitations usually have an image of Ganesh, the God that symbolises good luck and the removal of obstacles. To give the invitation a more contemporary look, the image of Ganesh can be made more abstract and stylised. 

Add a personal touch

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Consider handwriting the addresses on all the invitations and go that extra mile and order custom or vintage stamps. Add beautiful envelope liners that reflect your theme. Make the opening of the stationery even more exciting by adding boxes and layers of vellum.

Use signage

Give instructions and directions and point the way, such as the dance floor, the food, etc. Place your monogram on the signage as well. This adds to the overall cohesion of the wedding ‘look’. Sprinkle some extra magic with elements throughout your wedding day like wine labels, coasters and tags for your personalised favours.

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Favours could be miniature bottles of your favourite drink, such as rum, or beautiful packets of chai tea.

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Your wedding stationery is an experience that’s all about you both. It can be as subtle or strong as you want it to be, and the sky really is the limit when it comes to inspiration and creativity. 

Whatever your cultural heritage, embrace its beauty rather than feel constrained by the weight of convention. Bring your imagination to life and talk through your ideas with your stationer. When diverse cultures join together, design magic happens!

Oh yes! it does! Sound advice from Vaishali. Happy planning. Enjoy making an  giving a subtle nod or an all out celebration of your cultures and who you are! 

If you would like any further information on wedding stationery, please contact Vaishali Shah at Ananya for more information and look at some of their magic over on instagram! Instagram

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