Up Up and Away: A Romantic Paris Proposal in a Hot Air Balloon | Paris Photographer

Another delicious love story for you captured by the talented Pierre at Paris Photographer.

Meet Myha of American Vietnamese heritage and Nobel of  Indian-American. They met via a chance encounter at a pharmacy 5 years ago. Love really does sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Enjoy these beautiful moments captured by Paris Photographer and discover more from Myha and Nobel about their chance encounter and their beautiful engagement and proposal story in a hot air balloon! Proposal goals!

How did you meet?

Myha and I met on a rainy night 5 years ago.

One of my friends needed some help at his pharmacy and I stopped by.

Myha had just started working there a few weeks earlier and he introduced us. We hit it off from the start. When it came time to close the pharmacy I noticed that she didn’t have an umbrella and offered to walk her out to her car. We exchanged information. We were friends for a year and would occasionally message each other. Fate would bring us together again when I finished Pharmacy School and was assigned to train at her store. This was where we really got to know each other and started falling in love.


Tell us about your proposal story?

Nobel: Years earlier Myha mentioned that she always loved hot air balloons. I remembered to write it down and save it for the day I would propose. I wanted everything to be a surprise and extra special and this was very difficult since Myha hates surprises. I knew we would do it around Paris because she loved the city but I wanted to do something different and special. I decided to have a car pick us up and drive us through the city and into the countryside where there would be a hot air balloon waiting for us to take us up as the sun was setting on the beautiful French countryside.

Myha: I hate surprises, so I knew that Noble was going to propose to me in Paris, but I didn’t know exactly how he would do it. Noble wanted to keep all the details a surprise.

The whole experience was breathtaking and perfect! Everything about that moment made us feel so happy. We love looking back at the beautiful pictures and reliving those special memories.

What are your favourite things about each other?

Myha: His talent to surprise me! 😉

Nobel: She is beautiful and positive.

What are you most looking forward to about getting married?

Myha and I like events that tend to be over the top, so we know that we want our wedding day to be truly special and memorable!

Nu Bride: I think you’ve set precedence after this beautiful proposal. Congratulations!

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