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This is a question I get asked a lot in the wedding industry.  Why does diversity matter? I get asked so often that I turned it into the title of my core diversity workshops.

It’s a question I shouldn’t have to answer –  advocating for your right to exist and be represented equally and without being tokenised, should be a given. I shouldn’t have to justify why it matters – but nevertheless in 2019, here we are.  The humanitarian aspects aside, extensive international research shows us are more than three times more likely to be outsold and outperformed by our peers if your business is not diverse from the inside out.

This film captured at Nu Bride The Wedding Show in April, was the backbone to the reason I started Nu Bride and the reason I decided to produce Nu Bride The Wedding show this year.  This film by Tell Your Story features incredible business professionals, diversity advocates and allies, including leading luxury photographer and Olympus Ambassador John Nassari, Professional make up artist Adeola Gobyega for Bobbi Brown UK, Olivia Knight founder of Patchwork, yours truly and BBC broadcaster, presenter and bride-to-be Claire Clottey.

The reason I started Nu Bride? I wanted to be the change, I couldn’t accept feeling consistently ignored, hitting so many brick walls and listening to editors and producers tell me that black is seen as risk and black won’t sell. I know these thoughts are inherently believed,  but they are not based on evidence-based-fact. They are simply just opinions, memes, passed down from one producer to another and then these views become normalised and then very quickly become the un-spoken and spoken bias, becomes the backbones of organisations and entire industries.  You can see why we have an industry that presents one race, one type of person, one sexuality, one body shape, being more desirable, more acceptable and more palatable and more superior than others and it’s absolutely not acceptable.

The cycle stops and starts with us.

Speak up, take action even if it is small to move closer to improving diversity, not just today, but every week, every day whatever you can manage.. Couples deserve to be reflected as they are, without being tokenised and simply reflecting evolving society, modern stylish socially conscious couples, who care about diversity and more-so are more blended than any other generation of couples. The industry needs to catch up or as we can already see, it will get left behind.

Diversity isn’t just a business case anymore, it’s the right thing to do.


The Talent

Film by Tell Your Story Photography and Film

Panel discussion exploring diversity and inclusion in the wedding industry led by presenter and broadcaster Claire Clottey at LABS Camden House North London on the 5th April 2019 as part of Nu Bride The Wedding Show.
Panel: Featuring Nova Reid Diversity Campaigner & Founder of Nu Bride ( |
Olivia Knight Feminist and Founder of Patchwork (
Adeola Gobyega Professional Make Up Artist at Bobbi Brown UK (
John Nassari, Olympus UK Ambassador and Leading Luxury Photographer (
Lighting and Production: Light Motif (
Flower Wall: Emma Soulsby Flowers
Toastmaster/MC: Sonal Dave (

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