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Well what can I say about these gorgeous beings.

I remember the first time I discovered Patchwork – I was introduced to them by a lovely London bridal designer called Susie Stone – one of their postcards caught my eye because it had a dancing black couple on the front doing a social dance that looked like the Lindy Hop. It’s the simple things that make me smile, but it stood out to me at the time because believe it or not back in 2012/3, the wedding industry was even more homogenous than it is now and I just relished in seeing any type of representation that looked like me and appreciated a brand that realised the importance of it. I then met the lady behind the brand, Olivia and the rest is history.

Patchwork came up with a creative idea of group-gifting and provide alternative gift lists for modern couples who value moment led experiences over stuff. OR if you really want cool stuff, like, I don’t know, a house? Then Patchwork can help you get it creatively and with the help of friends and family. How brilliant is that!

They are also a team of talented designers and are the ones responsible for designing all of our chic show branding and the process was effortless –  multi-talented. Say hello!

About Patchwork

Patchwork is a global platform that lets friends contribute cash, time and skills towards a group gift or event. You can use Patchwork to organise all sorts of celebratory occasions – from weddings and baby showers to surprise birthday parties. And collectively fund all kinds of unique gifts and experiences – from honeymoons to handbags, campervans to cookery classes and bikes to beehives. For your wedding, create an alternative gift registry that lets your guests collectively fund the one thing you really want – from a honeymoon to a piece of art, a new kitchen to a campervan!

What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity is what makes us human.

We are all different but equal and we all need to feel seen, represented, included and celebrated.


We want to be part of Nu Bride The Wedding Show because…

It represents everything we are as a team and a brand: stylish, unique, creative, curious, open, honest and inclusive.

Top tip

Remember, your wedding is a chance for you to show your commitment and love for each other in the presence of people who also want to share their love and commitment to you as a couple. That’s it. You can express this and experience your day in whichever way you like.
Enjoy the planning process and don’t forget to ask friends and family for help if you need it. Create the time and the space to enjoy each other on your wedding day. Then plan an amazing honeymoon to relax, reflect and kick off your next adventure together – married life!

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