The Rise in Socially Conscious Weddings and Social Gifting

I love you.

Honestly, I do. You are the best.

There is a rise for many of you to not only create weddings that are meaningful to you, but that are socially conscious and also inclusive.

As part of Nu Bride The Wedding Show ticket buying process, I ask you what you “need” and why you want to come to the show so that we can do our best to provide it for you and many of you have said you want to be able to plan a wedding as inclusive as possible. ROCKSTARS!

Weddings are and will always be aspirational.

Most of us can get married for less than £100, but we choose not to.

We choose to invest in our wedding and the people we want to celebrate with and rightly so. They are a celebration of you both and no-one should be shamed for having a wedding for 100,000 of one for £100. Your wedding, your celebration, your way. BUT there is a rise on “how” you want to celebrate, how you want to spend your money, who you want to spend your money with and the impact you want to leave behind. Not just on those closet to you, but to use your day as a vessel to have wider impact and some of you are using your wedding as an opportunity to do just that and that’s one of the popular panel discussions (along with sustainable weddings) we’ll be having at Nu Bride The Wedding Show.

Social Gifting as such, isn’t something that is new – many of you have always wanted to use your wedding gift list as a way to raise funds for charities or causes that mean something dear to you. From using favours pins to contribute towards cancer research to asking for contributions to helping people in dryland Africa plant and profit from the trees they plant there.

Using a celebration of love to impact the wider community, or indeed your own community is something that is growing in momentum at a time when we are seemingly becoming more divided as a society. Love and weddings will always be the foundation that brings us back to centre. That’s why I was heart warmed to see Prezola – (aptly named the UK’s favourite wedding gift list) have launched a new Social Gifting Service, to address this growing desire and I’m delighted to share it with you today.

Asking for money has always been “icky” especially for us prude Brits. Which each wave of nearlyweds, there has been a discomfort around this, or even the concept of asking for a gift. PLUS there is an equal air of “ickiness” for guests, who are coming to your wedding and sometimes spending a lot of money to be there and feeling worried about how much they can afford to gift you and what this perceived “value” means about your relationship. This new Social Gifting service from Prezola provides a solution to this and an opportunity for guests to contribute to your wedding day without spending a single penny.

The catch?

None – it gives the opportunity to ask some of your guests to simply donate their time. From helping with DIY and house renovations, helping an elderly neighbour, to volunteering at a charity. The choice is as wide as your heart allows.


Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash


In a world full of rush. In a digital world where we become more disconnected with each other.

In a society that is becoming seemingly more apathetic and divided – a society that can be, unforgiving, demonstrated with an increasing rate of canceling cultures and a reduction in kindness; this is chance to not only serve and celebrate your union but potentially bring others and communities together, including our very own families. Win-win. It’s also been researched that connection and giving to others , volunteering, and taking part in random acts of kindness can improve not only the receivers wellbeing but our mental health too.

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

Such a wonderful concept from Prezola. Some of the ideas range from donating time to volunteer to help at charities or communities, or simply donating time to help you produce a wedding day that is meaningful for you and brings your family and friends together.

The service launched on Valentines Day asks wedding guests to promise to do something, to commemorate the couple’s special day, reducing the cost of attending a wedding.

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Prezolas Social Gifting service was created in response to the ever-changing lifestyle choices of engaged couples and the millennial passion for all things experiential. We are more conscious now than ever about the things we buy and the money we spend as well as the social causes that are close to our hearts. With busy schedules, we often find it difficult to spend as much time as we’d like with family and friends, which is where Social Gifting comes in.

You can find out more about Prezola’s Social Gifting and full gift list service here OR better still, come and meet us both and speak to them in person about this in all its glory at Nu Bride The Wedding Show on the 5th and 6th April, Camden House.

Come and join us and use your wedding as an opportunity to spread more joy.

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

This post is in partnership, with pleasure, with Prezola.

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