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Today, some visual treats for you.

I adore finding hidden treasures in London.

It can be easy in a pool of overwhelm to book the same type of wedding venue. But there are so many hidden treasures and less obvious choices that might be more representative of who you both are than a hotel with outdated patterned carpets and curtains. Yup, I know you know.

Nestled in the heart of London’s west end and embankment, is the stunning RSA House (The Royal Society of Arts).

As a creative, I am drawn to this stunning Georgian venue. I have used it for both mine and client events and I adore it for many reasons and have used a different event space each time. One of the things I love about RSA House, is the diversity of all of its spaces. Modern yet elegant, current, contemporary, yet also traditional. All in one.

It’s quite a find and they know how to make their spaces, unique to each event.

So today, I am joined by their brilliant wedding planning team to share some of their top tips on how you can make the most out of your wedding venue, choose styling to complement its natural features rather than try to hide them!

You can be as creative as your hearts desire and not only is the article packed with tips, we’ve created this little Pinterest Board to inspire you with your styling too.

Over to RSA House. Happy planning!

Think about your overall style

RSA House says: Your individual style does not only have to present itself in your wedding design and décor, but this can also extend to a wide variety of entertainment options, as well as the food and drinks options like this and style of service for the day.

For example – RSA House holds a history of inventions and discoveries, which can be drawn from in creating a personal theme for the day, and also drawing on connections and interests of individuals, through the work of the charity and its various projects.

Draw on your food to inspire you. We have food options that take inspiration from all continents, and can be served in a casual setting with food stalls and bowls, or as more formal dining.  Recently we have seen a cocktail hour work really well, with the cocktails on offer being very much the favourites of the wedding couple, or indeed giving the guests an option to customise with a variety of garnishes, adding individual creativity and preference.


The Finer details

Nu Bride: One of the easiest ways to add your personality to your wedding venue styling is in the personal touches and theme. From the grand touches to decor to the more subtle details, like stationery. When I say theme, I don’t mean everyone turning up in Harry Potter costumes – (although, never say never). I mean a theme or an idea that runs throughout. If you are both travel lovers, thinking about using your favourite destination to influence the theme. How you can use signage and props throughout the venue to punctuate this. Naming tables by country or places that mean something to you. Adding images of you both in each destination, or if your friends and family join you on your travel adventures, instead of place names, featuring an image of them on their place setting from your travel adventures.

If music is something dear to you, consider how to incorporate music throughout your day, not just in your entertainment choices, but in finishing touches, mini vinyl records as placements or funky favours,

If you like rum – then perhaps incorporate mini bottles of rum, or a rum tasting experience as part of your drinks reception instead of (easy on the rum though, hey)

I could go on and on. But you get the gist.

Start exploring what means something to you and the story of how you got together and some of the meaningful memories you have made along the way.

Consider Colours

Martin Beddall wedding photography | The Great Room

 RSA House says: The Great Room is such a grand majestic space at RSA House.

This space works best when the colours used in the décor draw from the colours in the painting, so warm Autumn colours through to deep maroons.  Simple whites also help to create a contrast to the depth of the murals and keep them as a notable feature.

Work with the right team

RSA House says: Work with suppliers, who understand your chosen venues spaces and logistical arrangements, but who can work to individual briefs and ideas to suggest design elements for the day.  Your chosen venue may have suppliers that they can recommend to support you in executing your plans.

Consider Exclusivity

Benjamin Franklin Room

RSA House says: Most wedding couples choose to make use of RSA House exclusively, which gives them the ability and flexibility to theme the entire house if they so wish and have for example, a design or colour scheme that can run throughout, so not only within the rooms themselves, but also in the arrival lobby areas, open soft seating areas, and in corridors and staircases.  As the house combines the classic Georgian features with more contemporary design features, couples can choose whether they want to emphasise one over the other depending on their own preference.  Either way, it suits the venue.

Make use of ALL spaces

Nu Bride: One of the beauties of a venue like RSA House is how eclectic it’s event spaces are. Like this image of The Vaults turned into a lounge space / night club.

Get to know your venue, (budget permitting) and find out how you can express different aspects of the two of you or create a unique experience within each space and don’t forget any hidden corners or fireplaces that can make a nice feature.

RSA House: Create a journey on your day

With the range of styles of spaces available within the house this is easy to achieve.  A day often speeds by and so by taking advantage of this opportunity, it helps to slow down the movements of the day, creating events within the course of the wedding and adding so much to how memorable it will be.

For example –  The ambience changes as different rooms are used, from the brightly lit and contemporary Benjamin Franklin room, through to the beautiful candlelit open bricked vaults.  Moods and styles can be very easily altered with little impact on the budget, just by using candlelight or string lights.  We don’t restrict on accessories and have lots of wide open spaces for items such as light boxes and balloons.  We also have screens in our reception that can be used for display of either photos or arrival personalised messages for guests. (Nu Bride: Lovely idea)

Whatever you decide, subtle or dramatic, get creative, start to think about the things that make you, well you and the components you would like to incorporate into your day, through styling, theming, music, colours and those little finishing touches. Whatever you do, choose a venue that is representative of you, that will complement your theme and elevate it.


Happy planning!

You can discover more about RSA House and see their stunning spaces for yourself at their chic wedding showcase taking place on the 9th February 2019 at 12:00-17:00.

Labelled a “must see” wedding venue, RSA House will be hosting an exclusive Wedding Showcase on the 9th of February.  Located in central London, nestled between Covent Garden and Victoria Embankment their full range of stunning Georgian interiors including the historic vaults, will be on full display.

Join the wedding team at RSA House for a casual show-around with a glass of prosecco in hand and envisage your day in full while sampling some of our delicious canapes.

Meet with their recommended suppliers for inspiration and take advantage of some special offers. 

Leave, armed with ideas for your bespoke wedding, having been surprised and delighted by London’s Best Historic Venue. You can register to attend for free here!

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