How to Plan a Wedding, Quickly!

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If you REALLY don’t like the idea of a long engagement, if you’re in the forces or simply need to plan your wedding quickly for other reasons, then this is the article for you.  The truth is, regardless of the length of your wedding engagement, the majority of the planning happens at the beginning of your planning journey and towards the end. 

Today I am joined by my wonderful colleagues at one of my favourite boutique hotels, The Bingham in trendy Richmond, placed perfectly along The River Thames who are well versed in planning weddings with shorter lead times. If you haven’t already discovered The Bingham, where have you been? It has some pretty magical views. It is luxury without the fussiness, modern and current, intimate but not intimidating, with rose gold baths to die for. The chic size of the property makes it feel like it is exclusively yours, even if there other guests, nothing is too much trouble and the staff are some of the friendliest and most elegant I have come across. It is such a wonderful peaceful place with the perfect combination of trendy restaurants and bars, high-street and boutique shops on your doorstep. It is quite a find. 

Handing over to Amy Braund, Wedding and Events Manager at The Bingham, fondly named London’s stunning Riverside retreat with us today to share top-tips on how to plan your wedding, quickly! Enjoy these images to give you a little peek inside this hidden treasure.


Planning a wedding within a short time frame is not an easy feat. Right from the venue to the catering, there’s a lot to think about. But  it CAN be done. We’ve seen couples plan their weddings in just 30 days! Here are a few ideas to help you all to pull off a whirlwind wedding beautifully.

No room for panic

Photo: The Bingham

Planning a wedding on a whirlwind might not be stress-free, yet planning a wedding over a longer period of time isn’t either. You just need to be tad bit systematic and decisive. There’s not much time to shop around and you won’t be able to spend a few days or weeks contemplating which flower arrangements you would like. Choices need to be made, and in a jiffy. However, this shouldn’t fill you with fear or dread.

Check availability right away 

Photo: The Bingham

If you have a boutique venue you have been eyeing, then check its availability straight away. Don’t forget to check the availability of the registrar or person marrying you, too. Once you are sure you have both, book them without further delay. Sought-after venues can be booked up in advance, so get cracking if you want to firm up your dream setting for your special day. We are firm believers if a date is set and a venue is booked, everything else will fall into place.

Put out your preferences

Photo: The Bingham

For most couples, being sure of their preferences may be difficult. What are your wants, needs and must-haves? When you only have a couple of months to plan a wedding, it’s worth having an idea in mind so that it can be churned out within the timescale. For example, brief your venue on your preference of food, drink, decor, flowers and your ideal entertainment. Doing this in good time gives both you and the venue enough notice to liaise with suppliers, check availability and get a quote. Also if you like something, book it. There’s no room for being indecisive.

Send out the invitations

Photo: Luisa Starling

Once your venue and a date is in place, there is no reason to wait sending out your invitations. The sooner your wedding invitations are sent; the faster people can start penciling the date into their diaries. And more so for those of your guests who may be travelling from afar. They will want to schedule time off work or set up accommodation at the earliest convenience.

Pre-wedding Pampering

Photo: The Bingham

Ahead of the big day, try to incorporate a beauty and wellness plan. You can try a wellness retreat at the Bingham. Every couple marrying at the Bingham, get a complimentary beauty and wellbeing consultation at bhuti, their sister eco-wellbeing centre a few minutes’ walk away. Couples sure need help preparing mind and body for the days, months and big day ahead. It’s a good idea to pick and choose from a well-curated treatment list or sign up for a 6 month membership of unlimited yoga, pilates, barre and hiit classes, monthly treatments for either massage, facial or grooming and invitations to well-attended wellbeing workshops and monthly events.

Get moving on the other things

Photo: The Bingham Garden Rooms

While the venue is effortlessly organising the ‘ins and outs’ of your special day, it’s imperative that you get moving on the other crucial essentials that make your wedding special. Hunt down that perfect wedding outfit. Doing all this early on, or in time will allow time for any alterations. If your other half needs help, give them a hand to get kitted out and the same applies for your wedding party, (bridesmaids, groomsmen, best woman).

Ask for help

Photo: Luisa Starling

If you are feeling a bit nervous (not to worry, it is natural) then don’t hesitate to seek help from friends or family. Assign tasks, seek advice and ask for a second opinion if you require it. Take the stress off you, by getting more people involved to help. You don’t need to do everything on your own. Wedding planning is immense fun, especially when assisted by your support network – friends, family and a trusted wedding planner.


Last but not least, enjoy!

Photo: Luisa Starling

Organising one of the biggest days of your life can be demanding, no matter how much time you in hand. Weddings are happy occasions filled with joy. They are a day for you and your fiancé to celebrate your love for each other and it’s a day that your loved ones will look forward to celebrating with you. So remember, whether you are getting married in a year or in 2 months’ time, just revel in it!

 Photo: Timeless Pictures

For more information, please contact Amy Braund, Wedding and Events Manager at The Bingham on 020 8940 0902 or visit




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