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Say hello to the gorgeous Kamal and Dalisa in this gorgeous woodland love shoot at Cleveland Metroparks, USA  captured by Ross Kyker Photography.

After some cover matchmaking, Kamal and Dalisa met via mutual friends and had their first date on a race track. Read on to find out more about their love story

Photographer Ross says: Dalisa and Kamal wanted an engagement shoot somewhere outdoors but wasn’t sure where they wanted to go. Having grown up in the area and doing all of my portraits growing up here we suggested a small botanical garden in the country. We weren’t sure if the shoot was going to happen since it had been pouring rain all day so as Dalisa got her hair and makeup done we kept in touch with updates on the weather. They decided to make the hour drive and hope for the best. Thankfully they did because when they arrived we got all setup, the skies opened up and the sun came out for almost the entire hour we were there! Nu Bride: That’s what I like to hear! 

How you met?

We met in 2008 my best friend and his best friend had been dating for about a year before they secretly considered if we’d be a good match. We were unknowingly set up on a blind date during a group Casino trip for his friend’s birthday. Having arrived in separate vehicles our first meeting happened on the race track. We instantly locked eyes and immediately became drawn to each other. I snuck underage Dalisa into the casino and danced the night away to an 80s cover band concert. We kissed under a literal spotlight. (Nu Bride: Smooth!)

Proposal story

We were preparing dinner for a small group of friends on NYE 2016. Dalisa was so engrossed in making sure I was a good host, she didn’t notice everyone had already gathered on our porch. Her best friend ran in and pulled her outside telling her something happened to me (Nu Bride: cheeky, cheeky!). Once  she got, outside she found me on one knee asking for her hand in marriage.

What do you love about each other?

We were both drawn to each others smiles, generosity and ability to see the good in everything. It’s funny, the traits that we strived to live by as individuals were the same ones we were blessed to find in each other.

What are you both looking forward about marrying each other?

As we get ready to start married life together we’re so excited to finally share our lives together. Our marriage will centre around our Christianity. We’re trusting in our faith and have made mistakes along the way but are eager to continue growing and fulfilling whatever mission God has intended for us.

Kamal and Dalisa tied the knot recently and we can’t wait to hear all about it! 

The Talent

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