Joy Filled Sri Lankan Tamil Wedding at Hatfield House | Rafe Abrook Photography

Meet the delightful Shakthi Sinthu and Shanthosh.

These lovebirds were born across the channel from one another, but share the same rich Sri Lankan Tamil heritage. They met when they were teens at drama school in 2010. I love that when Shanthosh proposed, he did it on a ferry between England and France, to represent their two nations!

They decided to celebrate their marriage with two ceremonies and receptions.

The first was a stress-free traditional Tamil wedding for 800  (yes you read correct –  800),that went off without a hitch, despite the size of the guest list – no easy feat! The Tamil wedding ceremony is steeped in tradition and spiritual symbolism, and is made up of many beautiful and meaningful rituals, so this was a very special part of the couple’s celebrations.

The second wedding was their western ceremony and celebration at the beautiful Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, where Sinthu and Shanthosh kicked off the dancing with a very special (and energetic!) first dance! For both events, they wore supremely stylish outfits that they had chosen together.

Enjoy the pictures of this joyful union by Rafe Abrook   – this marks Rafe’s debut on Nu Bride who shares a few beautiful words about the couple.

Shanthosh and Sinthu were an absolute delight to work with. My experience of shooting Asian weddings at the time was pretty limited but they put their complete faith in me, and gave me access to everything. The food, outfits, dancing and mood were all at a level I rarely see at weddings and it helped that they were such a photogenic couple too. We’ve kept in touch since via Instagram and I always look back at that weddings as one of my very favourites to date

I can absolutely see why! Without further ado – over to our handsome groom Shanthosh to share his perspective! 

The proposal

I asked Sinthu’s parents if they were happy with me asking their daughter to marry me, and made it into a short video. A month later, I took her to Paris for a holiday. We drove to Dover from Harrow (where we currently live) and hopped on to the ferry. Midway between France and England, I took her to the deck area where it was just the two of us. As I am a French national, and she is a British national, I thought it would be meaningful to propose there, in between both our countries of origin. Finally, when we got to France, I took her to Rouen, a beautiful city in the Normandy region. At the hotel, I sat her down and showed her the video of me asking her parent. I then gave her a dress, and we went out for dinner. We both enjoyed the rest of the holiday, and she was really happy!

Coming Together

 The reception had a mint green and rose gold colour theme, which we both liked. We also did the planning and buying of our outfits together.

Our photographer was Rafe Abrook, who we would 100% recommend! We would also recommend our cinematographer, Veteran Photos.


Tamil Ceremony

We had a Tamil wedding ceremony at the Sattaviss Patidar Centre, as well as a reception in the Old Palace at Hatfield House.

Our Sri Lankan wedding, which included a Tamil ceremony, was very traditional and religious and very much about two families coming together. Tamil ceremonies stem from thousands of years of faith and values as such there are a lot of meaningful traditions incorporated into Tamil ceremonies.

For our Tamil wedding, she wore two sarees from India. The first was yellow and the second was red.

We had 800 people attending our ceremony and everything went as planned, which is no easy feat. My favourite moment of the day was when my bride entered in her yellow saree. She looked beautiful.

Nu Bride: If you would like to read more about Tamil ceremonies you can discover more here and here 


Civil Ceremony

Our civil ceremony also went well. We had 80 people there, and 200 at the reception.

The Dress

For the civil ceremony, Sinthu wore a dress from Virgos Lounge that she fell in love with the moment she saw it. The dress was white and fitted, with an open neckline and short train.

The Suit

I wore a white suit from House of Fraser, and a black waistcoat with black shoes.

The Reception

The reception for our second wedding had a rustic style, and was designed by my wife, who is very creative. Good food, good music, great night!

Our favourite moment was definitely our first dance. We had a mix of waltzing, hip hop, breakdancing and body popping. We changed our shoes and heels into black, white and gold Air Force ones!

Other moments we loved were in the lead-up to the wedding and ceremonies, with family just being and spending those moments together.


Top Tip For Other Couples

Enjoy organising your wedding – do not stress.

Book your venue, photographer, videographer, and registrar in advance.

Smile throughout and enjoy the day with your loved ones!

Absolutely perfect advice! Thank you for sharing your day with Nu Bride! 

The Talent

Photographer: Rafe Abrook

Venue: Sattavis Patidar Centre and The Old Palace, Hatfield House

Cinematographer: Srimurugananthan Ramuppillai of Veteran Photo

Bride’s Fashion:

Dress: Virgos Lounge
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Makeup and Hair: Beauty by Anu

Groom’s Fashion:

Suit: House of Fraser

Shoes: Primark

The Girls:

Bridesmaid Outfits: ASOS

Flower Girl Outfits: Box of Goodies

The Guys:

Groomsmen Suits: Groomsmen’s own

Personal Touches:

Cake: AsaiCakes

Food: Palmbeach Restaurant, Wembley

Entertainment: Hypnotix Roadshow

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  1. Priti
    October 27, 2018 at 12:20 pm #

    Love the aesthetic and planning of the wedding. Indian weddings are just so stunning with lots of colour and vibrant energy! Beautiful work