Happy Marriages & Stylish Homes: An Interview with Ali and Dom Beaven of Prezola

Embrace the little things because that’s what life is all about.

Some words of wisdom to share with you today on nurturing a happy marriage and using wedding gifts to build a stylish home together. I am joined by husband and wife duo and founders of Prezola; interior designer Ali and self-confessed internet geek, Dom.

If you’ve been following Nu Bride for a little while you will know we are great fans of Nu Bride Ambassadors and avid Nu Bride supporters, Prezola and their eclectic gift list service.

Style idea featuring the latest colour of the year  for 2019 announced by Dulux –  ‘Spiced Honey’

Childhood sweethearts Ali and Dom discovered the idea for Prezola during their own wedding planning process, after discovering a frustrating gap in gift list options for modern couples, or couples who want more than pots and pans. Fast forward 10 years and my oh my has the gift list landscape changed since then. With Prezola offering over 50,000 products, everything from stylish items for the home, right through to trips of a lifetime, charity donations and experience days; it is no wonder they attract style savvy, brand conscious couples that know what they want. Their curated mix of brands, products and experiences cater for most tastes and with a custom gift option you really can have anything from anywhere. Literally.

Luckily we are not very competitive and it’s important to respect each other’s strengths. We also ‘try’ not to talk about Prezola at home – this can be tricky!

I grabbed Ali and Dom to ask them about Prezola and how to avoid the “ickiness” of asking for gifts, working together and building a happy marriage.

Enjoy their answers with some chic interior design inspiration from Prezola to inspire you.

How do you balance being married and working with each other?

Photo: Heart Full of Tea

We have very different roles within the business. I’m the brand and product curator, the ‘creative’ while Dom concentrates on the business and finance side of Prezola. Luckily we are not very competitive and it’s important to respect each other’s strengths. We also ‘try’ not to talk about Prezola at home – this can be tricky!

What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity is a welcome part of our everyday lives. As a business we don’t differentiate between gender, colour or sexual orientation. If a couple are in love and are getting married or entering into a civil partnership, no matter who they are, we hope they’ll love Prezola!

If you were marrying again – what would be on your Prezola gift list?

Ali&Co Jewel Burnished Drinks Trolley

We had an M&S list when we got married with lots of traditional home and kitchenware – all very 90’s kitsch, but we’ve still got lots of it today! Our wedding china comes out every Christmas! (Nu Bride: Ours didn’t survive our clumsiness! lol)

These days the options are endless. We would choose some Virgin Experience Days which involve food and drink. Dom would add a Sonos speaker to every room in our house (Nu Bride: So would Mr Nu Bride!) and I would love to upgrade our tableware to something really special like the L’Objet Corde or Royal Crown Derby Sketch Ranges along with Richard Brendon London Fluted Glassware. We would also add some wow factor with a Scott Naismith Print from ArtStore and this year’s must have (Nu Bride: Oh, lush!), an Ali&Co Jewel Burnished Drinks Trolley.

How has the wedding industry evolved since you first started Prezola and how do you ensure you keep up with what couples want?

Mobile use has grown dramatically since we started Prezola  with 80% of all transactions now being done on a mobile device rather than a PC. We’ve seen a decline in the high street gift list with Harrods, House of Fraser and Debenhams all closing, as consumers opt for online services like Prezola. And we’ve seen a shift towards more experiential gifting such as food and drink, experience days and even board games. We constantly listen to feedback, take that on board and apply it to the business.

What’s the difference between Prezola and Platinum by Prezola?

Our Platinum service is designed for couples planning a bigger wedding with a more complicated gift list, particularly those who are using a wedding planner to organise everything. It offers all the choice and flexibility of Prezola with additional support on the list curation side of things and access to some very exclusive luxury brands. It’s been used by celebrity couples as well as Royalty and is available on request via our Platinum team.

How can couples overcome guilt of asking for wedding day gifts or money?

The vast majority of guests will want to buy you a gift and will do so whether you have a gift list or not. A gift list gives you the opportunity to ask for what you want or need. Guests love to give a gift that is memorable or could be a future heirloom that will be kept for years to come. If you do need to ask for money, just be mindful to make it clear what it’s going to spent on.

What three pieces of advice would you give to couples struggling to piece together their gift list?

Think long-term. You’ll be married for a very long time and will never have the chance to receive wedding gifts again. This is an opportunity to create your own family heirlooms and memories.

Give guests plenty of choice. Nothing worse than being the last to the list and not liking the options available.

Want it. I often hear couples say they don’t ‘need’ anything, which may be true. But we all have a few things we lust after and this is the chance to get those treats you might never buy yourself.

What are your top three tips to a happy marriage?

  1. Keep each other laughing
  2. Have your own interests to keep the mystery
  3. Take as many mini breaks and holidays as possible

Sometimes life, business, health worries and responsibilities can get in the way, what is your advice to ensure you carve out time for one another?

Embrace the little things because that’s what life is all about.

On holiday we allow ourselves an hour every day to catch up on emails or calls, which helps us to relax for the rest of the time. We share any worries about the kids (including Prezola) and try to keep everything in perspective.

‘Pick your battles’ is Dom’s mantra, because you can’t do it all or you’ll hurt yourself trying.

And what about life after marriage, what one tip would you give to celebrate milestones or successes?

Celebrate little and often. Life is long and you have to celebrate the little successes along the way, not just hold out for the big stuff.

Ali and Dom what a joy. Thank you for sharing some of your wisdom with us. For more information on the magic that is Prezola and wonderful gift list service Ali and Dom have put together for you, please visit: https://prezola.com/ 

In partnership with Prezola. 

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