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A positively gorgeous love shoot to share with you today.

Say hello to gorgeous Judith and Dwayne, who met at a party in New York City and just tied the knot this summer! They decided to celebrate their impending marriage by having a carefree engagement shoot with the backdrop.

Captured by Paris based photographer Daria, Pre-wedding Paris Photographer, who loves nothing more than capturing couples in love Paris Happy Pictures

Oh Paris you are simply beautiful. Enjoy!

How you met?

 Dwayne and I met at a party in NYC. There was a weekly Friday night dance party called the “freedom party.” I went with a good friend and he was there with two of his friends. The party regularly showed soul train projected behind the dance floor and various movies in a separate room adjacent to the dance floor since it was held at Tribeca Film restaurant at the time. My favorite memory from that night was going into the room showing Beverly Hills Cop because it was quieter and chatting with him to exchange numbers.


Proposal story

Dwayne and I went to window shopping for rings after Thanksgiving 2016. I let him know my 3 favourites and joked with him throughout the year about when he was going to propose. He always responded by saying it was already taken care of. On Christmas Eve the same year, we hosted his family at our apartment to celebrate the holiday and he didn’t propose so I thought it might not be then. The previous year I thought he might and I got a huge Keurig machine instead (ha!) so I knew better than to get my hopes up. On Christmas morning we were still in our pyjamas and we went to exchange gifts. Under the tree was a small ring box with a bow and after I saw it and grabbed it excitedly he took it back and got on one knee to ask me to marry him. It was really sweet and we continued the morning by making breakfast and sharing the good news.   

Favourite things about each other?

Dwayne: I love that that Judith keeps me grounded. She  helps give me perspective that I sometimes don’t have, it is like having a third eye. That makes me better and gives me a chance to see things holistically. She really is my “better half”

My favourite thing about Dwayne is that he is spontaneous and willing to try different things. I tend to be more shy and cautious and I love how he brings me out of my shell.

What are you looking forward to most about marrying each other?

Dwayne: I am just looking forward to having a day to celebrate with people that we care about and starting our married life together. Things are going to be different now that we’re entering a new phase where we are planning a life together.

Judith: We are going to have a home and plan a family and those kinds of life transitions are exciting for us since we’ve been together for over 10 years. I’m so looking forward to continuing our journey and seeing him as a father.

The Talent

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