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Welcome to Trish and George back to Nu Bride. This  gorgeous British-Zambian duo met on a night out. From the very beginning, their Zambian heritage was part of their love story – in fact, George got Trish’s attention by speaking a few words of Bemba and three proposal attempts later, here we are! 

So it was only fitting that when the couple married, they had both a traditional Zambian Kitchen Party and a second wedding which allowed Trish and George to honour their mutual Christian faith, while still incorporating lots of Zambian-style singing and dancing (wait until you hear about the choir!)

You can read more about Trish and George’s Kitchen Party and how they met hereThis happy day was captured oh-so-beautifully by Nikki Van Der Molen.

Coming Together

With both of our heritage being Zambian, we have to have a traditional Kitchen Party and a western wedding. Our traditional wedding was nine months before our classic wedding.

We chose Nikki Van Der Molen as our photographer. She was amazing – we would 100% recommend her. The wedding was hosted by pure Yinkz and uncle D – they were funny and really uplifted the wedding mood.

The Dress

I had a nightmare finding my wedding dress. I first went to the dress fitting with my bridesmaids and chose a lace wedding dress by Zac Posen. But a few weeks later I looked at it and absolutely hated it. (Nu Bride: Uh-Oh) I sat down and cried, as I knew it was wrong for me but I think I chose it because everyone else liked it. Anyway I returned it and chose another dress that I loved and that suited me. The second time round I went by myself and had no entourage, as I needed to choose what I wanted.

My traditional dress and reception dress was easy as it was designed by talented family friend Yinka Alli.

The Suit

George: Finding the suit was quite easy. I wanted something classic and the bow tie was designed by an up and coming designer.

We also want to mention both the flower and cake suppliers – they were perfect and so accommodating! Our flowers were done by Alina Florist and our cake by Lianne Bell Cake Design.

The Ceremony

Actually getting married was my favourite part of the day. I was so happy I was smiling down the aisle! (Nu Bride: As you should be!)

Our British-Zambian wedding celebrated our culture and had lots of dancing, including dancing down the church aisle. Our wedding represented us both. The most important thing was having our faith honoured – we are both Christians, so it was important to pray, sing hymns and thank GOD for blessing us. We got married in the Catholic Church I was baptised in, and where my parents got married. So we had a Catholic priest marry us, with our pastor bless our marriage, as we are Evangelist and we attend Jesus House Church in London.

Traditional Zambian weddings are all about dancing and singing, so that was incorporated throughout the entire day. This included a live choir at our church ceremony. I walked down the Aisle to Shania Twain’s ‘From This Moment’, and it was sung by a gospel choir.

My husband and the bridal party walked down the aisle to Next’s ‘Will You Be My Wifey’ (also sung by the choir). After we got married, we walked out to the choir singing Bruno Mars’ ‘I Think I Wanna Marry You’.

The Reception

There was more dancing at the wedding reception, where we danced in with the bridal party (a Zambian tradition) and again before cutting the cake. There is a dance from the ‘knife girl’ – she dances, blesses the cake, and brings the knife for the bride and groom to cut it – we cut our cakes in style!

I love roses but it was important for me to incorporate chitenge (African cloth) on my flowers, as that’s a massive part of who I am.

The funniest moment was the ‘Coming to America’ scene – it was hard not to laugh!

The groom’s speech was another special moment as it was so heartfelt.

We danced our first dance to John Legend’s ‘Stay With You’, as that song means so much to us. The lyrics explain our love for each other.

My mother passed away when I was eight, so my father, Dr Vincent Musakanya, raised three girls alone. For our daddy and daughter dance, I chose the Celine Dion song’ Because You Loved Me’. The dance was so emotional and all my sisters joined me and we celebrated him. That moment is so special to me. (Nu Bride: Absolutely beautiful)



Some of the challenges included family members trying to invite guests that we didn’t want to our wedding, over-spending on the wedding budget, and not having my mum there.


Top tip for other couples

Be prepared, and if possible have everything paid for before nine months before the wedding, so that you are not stressed.

It’s your wedding day, so do what you want and please, enjoy the actual day as it flies by!

Such gorgeous advice –  a great big Happy Anniversary to you both and thank you f


The Talent

Photographer: Nikki Van Der Molen

Venue: Woodlands Hotel, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Bride’s Fashion:

Wedding Dress: Zac Posen

Reception Outfit: Yinka Alli

Jewellery: Swarovski

Shoes: ASOS

Makeup: Faces by Thima (day), Slayed by Annie (evening)

Hair: Karla Ancliffe Smith

Groom’s Fashion:

Groom and Groomsmen Outfits: Moss Bros

Groom’s shoes: Christian Louboutin

The Girls

Bridesmaid Outfits: La Closet De Chanel

Bridesmaid Shoes: ASOS

Flower Girl Outfit: Marks & Spencer

Personal Touches:

Cake: Lianne Bell Cake Design

Flowers and Décor: Alina Florist

Food: Woodlands Hotel (we had a BBQ in the evening and the family made traditional Zambian food)

Stationery: Bride & Groom

Entertainment and Host: @pureyinks and @uncle_de


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  1. Natasha - Pearline Events
    July 16, 2018 at 4:07 pm #

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and love the beautiful pictures. It was wonderful to see that the ceremony reflected your Christian faith (so important) and I love that your choir sang contempary songs. The reception looks like it awas great fun! Many congratulations to you Trish and George, may your marriage be full of many blessings!