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I can’t wait to take his name, become a family and conquer this thing called life together.

Easing you into this week with another scrumptious love story.

Meet Cantara and Michael. This gorgeous duo grew up together and met when Cantara was the tender age of 16. They knew each other for 11 years before they decided to make their love for each other, well, official. They got engaged (third time lucky) in March 2017 and are due to marry this summer.

Michael and Cantara headed to Greenwich to have their engagement shoot taken at the place where they had their very first date captured by the delightful Lolography

Being able to get our photos taken in the place where we had our first date felt so special and we know we’ll love looking back on these for years to come!


How you met?

Michael and I met in College. We were both in Graphic Design and Media Studies together and for me, it was an instant crush. Michael, however, had forgotten my name and had to read my ID card! (Nu Bride: LOL! Typical!) We started spending time together in class and at break times and Michael soon asked me out. That was 12 years ago and since then we’ve grown up together. A friend recently said we look as in love now as we did when we were in College and that’s all we could ever hope for really.


Proposal story?

On Christmas Michael revealed he would be whisking me away for a spa weekend – the dream! He did well to disguise it as my Christmas present because if he’d randomly booked a weekend away I would definitely have suspected something!

Getting away wasn’t without its hurdles; what with my granddad sadly passing away and the spa needing renovations meant Michael had to re-book 3 times. Third times the charm, as they say.

On the day I made us arrive late thanks to my terrible time-keeping skills (sorry Michael!) (Nu Bride: I have the time-keeping disease too Cantara lol!) so we didn’t have time to hit the spa, but we made the most of our stay exploring the grounds and enjoying some quality us-time. After a delicious dinner, Michael led me around the hotel searching for a way up to the rooftop balcony. We felt like school kids running around after hours, opening doors not knowing what we’d find.

We couldn’t find our way up to the roof, so we gave up and headed back to our room. Once there, I turned to grab something from my bag and Michael had dropped to one knee. (Nu Bride: smooth!) He told me he’d planned to propose on the roof but things hadn’t gone to plan! We’ve been together a long time and both knew we were going to marry each other, so I never thought Michael would be able to surprise me when he proposed, but there in that moment I was completely shocked and didn’t know what to do or say, but of course, I said yes!


Favourite things about each other?

Cantara says: Michael is determined, competitive and loves a challenge. Sometimes those traits can be annoying, but mostly I admire how once he sets his mind to something, he will make it happen. His smile lights up the room and he makes me laugh every day.

Michael says: Cantara is perfect wife material. She is honest, brilliant with advice, beautiful and is always there for me when I need her. Not only me but she is the person anyone can always turn to. And that asssss! (Nu Bride: Hey, keep it clean peeps, this is PG rated lol) Sorry I meant eyes, had me from day one.

What are you looking forward to most about marrying each other?

Cantara – We’re already a team, but I can’t wait to take his name, become a family and conquer this thing called life together.

Michael – I’ll be proud to finally call her my wife and for it to be true as I had given her that title a long, long time ago.


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  1. Heather
    June 18, 2018 at 9:52 am #

    Well, this engagement shoot left tears in my eyes. My husband also proposed at Christmas and I also delayed his plans as I felt the need to clean up the wrapping paper first! Your love, joy, and passion for each other is palpable. You are a beautiful couple and I wish you all the best as your enter this next phase of your journey!! Let your love guide you even on the tough days. I wish you all the joy in this world!

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