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I have a bit of a soft spot for the Nordic wonder that is Iceland. Its natural beauty is quite magnificent with its dramatic landscapes, hidden wonders, hot springs and lava fields, there is nowhere else quite like it in the world and I am delighted to be able to share this incredible shoot with you today.

Inspired by London and Chicago based photographer Martine of Severin Photography, this shoot was born out of a love for sisterhood, editorials, fashion and bridal fashion and a desire to see more black women in wedding media.  Martine contacted me in March 2017 about the concept of this shoot and to recommend some gorgeous models to take part in it and it was absolutely worth the wait! 

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Inspiration behind the shoot

The idea came to us, a creative team of black ladies; a photographer, makeup artist and bridal gown designer, to fly to Iceland for an editorial adventure and to create stunning imagery.

You see, we often talked about the lack of representation of black women in mainstream wedding editorials. The three of us have been in the wedding industry for at least a decade, but seldom see black faces except on wedding publications explicitly marketed to black women.

With Kpoene’ as a designer at Mignonette Bridal, and Nika as a makeup artist and owner of Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists, we began to shape what a fine-art photoshoot could look like.  It was a lot of fun to use our craft to explore our relationship with representation, as well as our own identities as black women.

What’s more, for many, fine-art weddings connote a non-brown bride. It felt, to us, this trip to Iceland would be the opportunity to explore something missing in wedding and fashion editorials. We wanted to represent beauty in new ways and to amplify the voices, faces, and work of women of colour in a new setting.

Using Iceland’s natural beauty as an inspiration for our colour scheme, the browns, the black the greens; lichen lava fields, to its black sand beach, to its draw-dropping waterfalls, the editorial unconventionally juxtaposes a woman of colour in ethereal and vibrantly coloured cache-jewelled gowns.

Make-up artist Nika Vaughan created her stunning signature style for Cleopatra, a fresh-faced red carpet look, which worked beautifully against Iceland’s summer landscape and the perfect jewel-toned wedding dresses from our dress designer Kpoene.


Top Tip

Even if you get married in your own city, if you’re planning a holiday, you can always bring your wedding garb with you.  Simply book a portrait session with a local photographer so that you may create stunning imagery as a souvenir of your trip. In addition, as you’re planning your wedding, don’t be afraid to opt for a different coloured gown. Why not blue instead of white?


The Talent

Photography:  Severin Photography

Florals: Bloma Nattura

Wedding Dress: Amapola (blue) and Freya gowns  Mignonette Bridal

 Bride’s ring: Realm Fine Jewelry

 Hair & Make up Stylist: Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists

Stationery: Made Divine

Model:  Cleopatra Wood

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