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Oh what a delightful couple I have to share with you today.

Welcome Jack and June!

This fun living couple got engaged in Nha Trang, Vietnam in September 2017 and celebrated their engagement in stunning Edinburgh at City and Hill a month later.

June and Jack choose to have an engagement shoot in Edinburgh,  because Jack wanted to bring June to the UK for the first time, a place close to his heart after he studied at Sheffield University. They had several shoots in China, London and Edinburgh. They loved Edinburgh because it has a different and very beautiful backdrop. They travelled all the way from China to have their shoot in Scotland and they chose none other than the wonderful team at Elemental Weddings to capture their day. Photographers Jay and Christina say:

We loved capturing June and Jacks Scottish adventure.  As you can imagine, Jay loved showing them some of his favourite places and getting to photograph the incredible connection between the two of them.

Jack and June celebrated their wedding back home and showed these photos to their guests on a big screen during the ceremony. They were also kind enough to send us some photos, so we could see what a joy filled celebration it was. We are so happy that we got to be part of their day!

Over to Jack for the details!

How did you meet

We met each other by our mutual friend’s introduction, which is relatively a popular way in China. Then we went out for a morning tea (a unique kind of breakfast we have in the southern part of China, they serve Dim Sum there) and got to know each other.

The Proposal

It was the most unforgettable experience of my life!

During the Chinese New Year, we went out to travel in Vietnam for a few days. When we first planned this trip, the idea of a proposal in Vietnam seemed perfect.

Preparation: Normally to propose to a lady, what we need is a ring and a bunch of flowers. I just did what others do. I bought the ring and hid it in my backpack (I carry it all the time so that it was easy to hide it in there from her). And through my friend (who was a Vietnamese from Nha Trang), I got in touch with a filming group, some really helpful people to capture the moment for us. I told them that I wanted to propose to June in Nha Trang, the beautiful beach city. They gave me a lot of ideas and we decided to meet in the morning on Feb 9.

On the day: After lunch, I told June that I was going out for a while to visit my friends and let her to stay in the hotel for a massage. Then I met the group in the Sailing Club. Before, I asked them to prepare a shell, as a container to keep the ring, instead a box. They prepared it very well and they even used the glue to bond the two pieces together.  I brought my drone there and let them use it to record from the sky as well. (Nu Bride: Attention to detail!) But the wind on that day was quite strong so we were worried it might not work at night. After great discussion, they asked me to go to a restaurant at night instead, they booked the table and food for us. When I got back to the hotel, my wife seemed to know nothing (yes!!!).

In the evening: After a break, I said I am going to take her to a nice restaurant and have a good meal, she was very excited. When we arrived at the restaurant, the waiter showed us to our table that was decorated with roses and balloons AND a bottle of wine! After dinner, we walked back. Just before we arrived, the club that we went to the night before, I said that I heard they had a show there that night, so why not go inside and have something drink? She said okay….

The proposal: Everything was almost going as we planned. I left June alone and said that I needed to go to the toilet. Then I found the filming group, they helped me to set up the microphone and gave me the flowers. Then on the other side, the fire dance started. The fire dancers made a heart shape and lit it up then invited my wife to go in to the middle of the heart on the dance-floor. I walked in with the flowers in my hands with two other fire dancers to her front. And I told her how much I loved her. I think she was too surprised that just cover her mouth with her hands 😛 Then I put down the flowers and took out the special-made ‘ring box’, got down on one knee down, showed her the ring and asked her; ‘will you marry me’. I don’t think I practiced the question enough, because I put the ring on her finger before she even had the chance to say yes. lol! And in my excitement, I put it on the wrong finger! (Nu Bride: LOL! Don’t tell anyone!)

Proposal image courtesy of Jack and June

What are your favourite things about each other?

She is a pretty, thoughtful and childlike. When we are together, I feel very comfortable and feel warm from what she does. She also always encourages me in my work and life.

And her favourite things about myself, I am not sure haha. But we talked about this, and she said I am handsome. She loves being around me. I told her that I cannot give much to her, or let her be the happiest girl in the world, but I am doing it.

What are you enjoying most about being married?

Wedding image courtesy of Jack and June

We had a BIG wedding. We invited 1600 guests to witness our ceremony (two nights and two places). A lot of preparatory work needed to be done.

We found out that many of the people we met along our wedding planning journey (our proposal, pre-wedding, wedding planners). It is them that made the whole wedding and celebrations perfect. I really feel thankful to them!


Being married is not much different for us from before we got married, we already lived together with my parents more than a year ago. I think the most exciting thing should be that we are going to have a baby!! Yeah (Nu Bride: HUGE congratulations!)

The Talent

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