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Another gorgeous wedding to share with you today.

Welcome Christobelle (Belle) and Tim.

Belle of British, Ghanaian and Danish heritage married her love Tim of German heritage in a stunning travel themed summer wedding at Hampton Court House with their nearest and dearest

Belle and Tim met while Belle was working for the Army in North Germany and had  two meaningful wedding celebrations to honour both their European and Ghanaian cultures.

Today I have the pleasure of sharing their western celebration! Be prepared for some wedding day joy featuring so many wonderful London Nu Bride supporters including Extraordinary Days Events,  Fiona Kelly PhotographyBlue Sky Flowers and Urban Cinematography  what a dream team Belle and Tim chose!

Over to the gorgeous images from Fiona Kelly Photography!


How did you meet?

I was working for the Army and based on a Barracks in a small town in North Germany. I regularly went to a fuel station where Tim worked part-time. Apparently, he had seen me several times before but on one particular afternoon, Tim pointed at an offer on confectionery. I declined but looked up to notice that he had the most incredible green eyes. From then on whenever I went to the station I would look out for Tim and we would have a chat. A few weeks before I was posted out of the town I felt a strong urge to give Tim my number.

It was so out of character that I literally tried to talk myself out of it! Finally, I did expecting him to say he was in a relationship but he took it and smiled. A few days later he picked me up and took me for a tour of the surrounding towns then we stopped in the middle of a field and talked watching the sunset.


Your Proposal

We decided that we wanted to spend New Years eve 2015 in New York. On the way there we spoke about our individual plans for the future. Tim mentioned that he wasn’t sure that he would want to get married within the next couple of years. I was quite disappointed and Tim started teasing me which didn’t help.

On the 31st, I was really tired and didn’t really want to go anywhere.

Tim seemed really disappointed because he wanted to see the fireworks from Brooklyn Bridge, so I dressed up and we went out. The roads were absolutely packed and we could barely move. Tim said we should forget it but I became really determined grabbed his hand and took him down different streets until it was less busy. We grabbed a cab and I asked him to get us to the bridge before midnight. At midnight we wished each other a happy new year. Tim gave me a coke so I had a swig of that and when I looked at him to return the bottle he had a ring in his hand and asked me to marry him! I later found out that he had first asked my dad for his blessing which made it even more special. (Nu Bride: delightful)


Coming Together

We both love to travel, and did so frequently as we were getting to know each other. It was easy to agree on our travel theme with signposts of all the places that were particularly special to us. Our invitations in the form of boarding passes for KassnAir!


On the 2nd June we had our version of a Ghanaian traditional wedding. My best friend Tzaritsa who created and owns the label Pashionista designed all the dresses of the bridal party (Belle’s Belles & Tim’s team!). It was wonderful for Tim’s family and friends to be a part of this. They brought gifts for my “bride price” and my aunties really put Tim through some rigorous testing! The colour scheme was navy and gold.

On the 3rd June we had our western wedding, the colours were purple and gold with our travel theme.


Fiona Kelly Photography captured our day –  We would absolutely recommend she is just fantastic! She asked and actually listened to what we wanted and delivered absolutely beautifully.

We chose Urban cinematography to capture our day on film. They are extremely talented and are a married couple so it was really wonderful working with them and seeing the work together.

Meghan Fay of Extraordinary Days Events was our wedding planner. Meghan pays absolutely attention to detail and without her, I do not think we could have had such a beautiful day.

Some other stand out suppliers we would like to mention are:

  1. Cakes by Krishanthi. Her cakes her just amazing. We actually asked her to make the “top tier” of our cake for us on our 1 year anniversary. It was just as tasty and beautiful!
  2. Pashionista – made all the dresses and groom’s party waistcoats for our Ghana inspired traditional wedding celebration on the 2nd She also did my hair for the wedding.

The Dress 

Ever since I watched the bridal show, ‘My Fair Wedding’ hosted by David Tutera, I wanted a dress made by him. I found my dress quite easily in Mia Sposa, London and it ended up being a Tutera creation! Funnily, it was nothing like I thought it would be, it was completely opposite to what I thought I had wanted, i.e. it was lace, but I loved the simplicity of the style.

As a special touch I received a personalised postcard from the designer wishing me the best for the wedding. (Nu Bride: How lovely) 


The Ceremony

It was beautiful.

The halls and grounds of Hampton Court house are picturesque. Our godson and god-daughter led the bridal party walking down a white carpeted aisle framed with flowers. I was about 40mins late (Nu Bride: Belle! lol) because my dad was busy greeting guests instead of accompanying me to the ceremony!


Favourite moments for us were:

 Tim: Seeing Belle walking down the aisle towards me.

Belle: Exchanging our personal vows. Tim memorised his vows and they were extremely special. I ended my vows in german which made him tear up. (Nu Bride: delightful)

The band and singers were made up mostly of friends, some of whom witnessed our journey, which brought intimacy to the ceremony. I walked down the aisle with my dad to “Bless the Broken Road” written by Marcus Hummon, Bobby Boyd and Jeff Hannah. It was sung live by a beautiful young lady called Ruva, and the band played songs we had chosen for the guests to sing during the ceremony.

Towards the end of the ceremony my dad and the Pastors prayed a special blessing over us and we walked out to “I know who I am” by Sinach

We had our Ghanaian inspired ceremony the day before our western ceremony. We were also prayed over by our Pastors and my dad during the ceremony, as they spoke specific blessings into our marriage.




Although we both love flowers, neither of us had a clue about arrangements. Fortunately, we had a fantastic florist Liz from Blue Sky Flowers who guided us through the process of choosing the colours and placement. We particularly love the flowers on our banquet tables. They were so striking and everyone commented when the doors were opened and we saw them for the first time.

The reception area was decorated with various travel inspired items. We had postcards for our guests to write as messages next to small suitcases. Signposts with arrows to significant places in our lives, our seating chart was an arrivals board and all our guests received personalised luggage tags.




Another of our favourite moments was witnessing our godson, Michael Jr’s speech. He was 9 years old and his speech was simply terrific! It was so funny when he said “Tim if you break Christobelle’s heart, I’ll break your nose!” (Nu Bride: LOL!)

For our first dance we had intended to start off our dance with a slow song, “No one else comes close” by Joe, then towards the end speed up and change to “Hideaway” by Kiesza, but we got too nervous with everyone looking at us so intently, so I quickly gave the (pre-agreed) signal to the DJ and we ended with Joe! (Nu Bride: It’s ok – no-one knows 🙂 )

Another defining moment was the couples dance. Our DJ guided all our married couples through a dance, where they all started together then he would go up in increments of 5 years, asking those who have been married for longer to stay on the floor. The last couple were my aunt and uncle who had been married for 28 years! (Nu Bride – what a lovely idea!)

The fireworks were spectacular. As part of my wedding gift to Tim I arranged for a fireworks display to start towards the end of the evening. All our guests were given sparklers by Meghan and we walked through a path lined with light until we reached a big red button. We pressed it together and the display started. The evening was beautiful and the sky was so clear. Everyone was looking up into the sky at the same time, it was just wonderful. 

Challenges and Triumphs

What challenges and triumphs did you experience during your wedding planning?


  • The major challenge was organising the wedding from Germany. Meghan was such a great help during this process
  • The bridesmaids were located in the England, Scotland, & Atlanta which made for lots of whatsapp/facebook conversations trying to order the dresses, shoes etc.


  • Bringing all our guests from places all over the world. Our invitations actually showed all the places in the world where our guests we coming from,
  • The music. We had a live band and a fantastic D.J. The guests had been given an opportunity to make music requests on our wedding app which were given to our D.J. as well.
  • Tim is from an area with beautiful countryside and clean air, while I was born and bred in London. We found the perfect venue with a lake, fields and even deer, which was located right in the city, so we truly had the best of both worlds and the most picturesque backdrop


The Video

Top Tip for other couples

Consider having the “stag and hen” together! My maid of honour planned a week of joint activities which meant that those who hadn’t met got to know each other, and we trekked around London doing various challenges. It meant that we celebrated our wedding for just over a week with our friends. It was perfect for us because we had decided that we would make every decision for the wedding together.


The Talent

Photographer: Fiona Kelly

Wedding Planner: Extraordinary Days Events 

Cinematographer:  Urban Cinematography

Venue: Hampton Court House 

Bride’s Fashion:  Dress / outfit: Wedding dress from Mia Sposa, London

Accessories / Jewellery: Jewellery given to me by my mother

Shoes:  Jimmy Choo

Makeup & Hair: Pashionista

Groom’s Fashion: Suit & Shoes: Moss Bros

The Girls Bridesmaid Outfits: Light in the Box

Bridesmaid Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Flower Girls outfit: Etsy

The Guys Groomsmen and Pageboy Suits: Moss Brothers

Cake: Cakes by Krishanthi

Flowers and Décor:  Ceiling ribbons ordered through Meghan Fay.| Flowers:  Blue Sky Flowers

Travel themed décor: Beyond Vintage

 Food:  Create Caterers;


The Entertainment: 


DJ: Asante @bpachampong

The Fireworks:

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