How to Crowdfund Your Dream Honeymoon with Buy Our Honeymoon

I love this change in season –  shaking off the sluggish energy of winter – picking up on your wedmin and thinking about  sunnier climates.

What I have noticed of late, is that many of us are placing so much more are value on collecting memories and not things. I don’t know if it’s an age thing (clearly I’m speaking for myself) but there is a growing culture to welcome more life experiences.

That coupled with the financial pressures of day-to-day-living and housing affordability, means wedding couples are having to be more cautious with where they choose to invest their money in their wedding celebrations which can mean deferring or compromising on honeymoons.

But there is a solution. Honeymoon crowdfunding is growing in popularity, brought to you by avid Nu Bride supporters Buy Our Honeymoon. I am delighted to be joined again by founders of Buy Our Honeymoon, husband and wife duo Shelley and Andrew who were uninspired during their wedding planning by formal gift registries, didn’t need any extra ‘stuff’ for their flat, weren’t keen on the awkwardness of asking guests for money, so decided to create their own honeymoon fund instead! 11 years later, they are known as the UK’s top dedicated honeymoon fund and love nothing more than to help couples celebrate their love story, by providing bespoke honeymoon gift lists that are focused on collecting memories and not “things”

Over 5 years later I still (can you believe it) relish on telling our story.  Sharing our proposal, our wedding day and honeymoon tales. They are SUCH fond memories for us and I loved and still do love nothing more than sharing them. Those are the things we remember aren’t they. The the things we keep with us.

We’re all about telling the story of your honeymoon, and the focus is firmly on you as a couple. It’s creative, engaging and romantic. –  Andrew and Shelley, Buy Our Honeymoon.
In a nutshell, Buy Our Honeymoon helps you crowdfund your honeymoon through friends and family. It enables you to curate meaningful experiences you want to have on honeymoon and it also allows guests to contribute towards them.
Having a honeymoon list is a natural and polite alternative to asking for money. It eliminates the icki-ness and allows you to have the honeymoon of your dreams, courtesy of your guests who can contribute to experiences that resonate with them. It also saves YOU both money. Win win.
A big part of the service at Buy Our Honeymoon is about making the experience of giving cash as fun and memorable, than giving a physical present.  Guests often want to contribute to something meaningful rather than just dropping  a £50 in a greeting card, but it’s actually quite romantic to pay £50 knowing it’s been earmarked for the last meal of your honeymoon, or even a cheeky cocktail in the airport on your way out.
SO! To help inspire you,  I’ve put together a few tips on how you can crowdfund your dream honeymoon using a honeymoon gift list to create long-lasting memories and not things!

1. Think ahead

Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash 

A recent Nu Bride survey it highlighted, 40% of couples hadn’t set up a gift list at the time are likely to be asking for cash for their honeymoon in an informal way perhaps with a poem in invites (that’s what the Mr and I did because we were uninspired by gift list choices available to us at the time) Having a honeymoon fund will help you think ahead in advance and not leave honeymoon prep to the last minute.  Use the opportunity to send your honeymoon gift list details in with your invitations in advance so guests can start contributing early.

2. Plan Ahead

Be clever with your honeymoon list. Think about the things you want and the things you can and can’t afford. For expensive items you can’t afford, but want to indulge in (because you’re allowed), consider adding them to your list so a number of friends and family can crowdfund an expensive item for you.
For example – an upgrade to that once in a lifetime honeymoon suite that you can’t quite stretch to.
It’s worth noting, you don’t have to have made all of you honeymoon plans in advance,  you can add and make changes as you go and you are free to book your honeymoon and experiences with any travel agent you choose – as contributions your guests make go directly to your bank account as soon as payment from your guests is cleared.

3. Be Inclusive

Making your list inclusive and providing options for a variety of budgets, means guests aren’t expected to spend big bucks on big ticket items, but can contribute to what they can afford. With both group gifting and single gifting available, Buy Our Honeymoon makes it easier for guests to gift you a great experience without spending outside of their means.  Your honeymoon fund can also be available in a number of international currencies and languages to suit guests or couples who have blended or international families.

4. Think About Travel

 Ng via Unsplash 
One of the main expenses of a honeymoon, are your flights and travel to and from your chosen destination. I always protest that my holiday doesn’t start until I have touched down in our final destination. My husband is the complete opposite, as soon as he is in the taxi to the airport, he is already in holiday mode Lol!  You can use your honeymoon fund to make the most of your travel experiences. For example, perhaps guests could contribute to buying you 100 air-miles which you could put towards an upgrade, or perhaps a pre-flight massage in the first class lounge on your way there.

5. Get Creative

Now’s your chance to get creative!
With 16 customisable themes, you can make your online fund as unique to you both. Keep it simple or create the most detailed of honeymoon itineraries.
For example, instead of pillow cases, perhaps have the first night in a tropical paradise as a gift option. Instead of wine glasses, have dinner with an ocean view?
Private island or city tours. Cultural tours, rum tasting, a helicopter ride, a spa pamper, live music, trekking, an adrenaline experience, a cookery class, a nice romantic meal on the very last night of your honeymoon. The choices are as wide as your imagination can take you! These are great moments you can experience together and you will always remember who gifted these unforgettable memories for you. Perhaps more meaningful than China plates like the Mr and I had  – which suffice to say, are now broken or lost and failed to survive post wedding and two house moves!
Think about some of the memories you want to make and give your guests the opportunity to indulge you, it’s one of the few times they will and they honestly love nothing more than to show their support of your union and celebrate you both by giving you a gift and how priceless is this as a modern alternative.


A little gift from Buy Our Honeymoon to you; 

If you want to have a play around with Buy Our Honeymoon’s unique features  sign up for a free 7-day trial, with absolutely no obligation. And, if you like what you see, you can start your free trial using promo code NUBRIDE, they’ll give you a cheeky 20% discount of off your registration fee should you decide to go ahead. Have a play!

Happy honeymoon planning! 

Unless otherwise stated images courtesy of Buy Our Honeymoon

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