Creatively Adding Culture to Your Wedding Menu

One of the main talking points on your wedding day will be the food. It is also one of the most popular ways couples like to infuse their culture and a little bit of ‘home’ to their wedding day.

SO I am taking you into the weekend with some foodie talk! We are so intersectional, our experiences of life, our likes and dislikes and and how we want to celebrate our wedding days are interconnected. But it’s not always easy to find inspiration on how to fuse an eclectic mix of cultures and indeed tastes into one day that pleases you, the palette that you’re used to,  your beau and your guests too!

I have invited Executive Chef, Jean-Luc Sainlo of Sainlo Events  to share some tips to help you create a wedding menu that reminds you of home and represents you. Sainlo Events has a passion for exciting their clients with exquisite flavours and was founded in 2011.

Growing up around a culture of food and social eating in the Caribbean, with parents who cooked real meals with real food, gave Chef Jean-Luc Sainlo a taste for great cuisine. He quickly picked up an excellent sense of flavour and seasoning that runs through all of his dishes today.

One of the things that drew me to Sainlo Events when I first met them is that they pride themselves on offering a fully bespoke service for their couples – whatever your backgrounds they work with you to create a menu that meets your preferred tastes, dietary needs and effortlessly infuses culture.  Over to the Sainlo Events team!

We love to help couples navigate any sticky issues that can arise when establishing the best menu for the wedding. We brought together our own mixed heritage a decade ago and food was obviously critical for us given Jean-Luc’s profession. Now when we are discussing menus with couples we understand the importance of reflecting who you are in the elements of your day that matter to you and for many the food is central to that.

There may be lots of reasons why you want to bring certain elements in, particularly when marrying across cultures. Here are our top ideas for reflecting your cultures with food.

Choose a menu that you love

Initially consider food that excites you and food that is “home”. If you have several cultural elements to tie in then your menu may become a culinary journey but that in itself can be an adventure for your guests and a good chef can help you tie it all together seamlessly

Consider a fusion menu

Some of our dishes reflect two cultures, one through the dish style and another through the spice palette, (Nu Bride: ooh I love this) for example our saffron and cardamom creme brûlée is a Western European dish with a Middle-Eastern twist. There are myriad options on this.

Give a nod

Often when couples come to us regarding obstacles to their food choices they are not concerned about pleasing the majority of people at their wedding, it is usually an important minority, family members etc. In this case it might be nice to theme one or two courses of your menu to reflect your cultural background rather than to fully embrace something that will be too unfamiliar. This could be theming your canapés to reflect the culture of one half of the partnership or going for a traditional dessert from your heritage.

Create a half and half menu

Recently we did an event for someone from the Rasta faith and it was really important to reflect the Caribbean cuisine as part of the menu. Most guests were on board with this but the family were concerned about those for whom the spice may be overpowering, in particular older generation for whom this was unfamiliar. We helped them choose a mixture of Caribbean and European flavours. In the end most people had a bit of everything, it introduced some guests to a new experience but for those not able to digest hotter Caribbean flavours there was an appropriate alternative.

Go all out

You might feel that one thing defines your food culture and is central to reflecting your relationship through your menu. In that case, and provided you can either bring your guests with you or face down any resistance, then be brave and go for an authentic menu. For those that share your cultural background this may provide something of home in an unfamiliar setting and for everyone else they will hopefully experience something new and exciting.

Salivating! Thank you so much for some truly excellent tips! To find out more about Sainlo Events please visit Sainlo Events  

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Images courtesy of Sainlo Events   Jay Anderson Photography |  Lex Fleming Photo

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