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Bringing you a bit of the British seaside to you today with this fantastic shoot at Dreamland in Margate, put together for issue 18 of Rock n Roll Bride Magazine.

Featuring 16 acres of joy and abandonment, Dreamland is an amusement park described as the heart of Margate in Kent. It is full of delight and wonder and was chosen as the colourful and unique backdrop for this fashionable and chic bridal inspiration shoot by the Rock n Roll Bride team. If you haven’t already discovered Rock n Roll Bride – they offer wedding inspiration for chic alternative brides, or just brides that want something a little bit different. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rock n Roll Bride on a number of occasions this shoot being one of my favourites and I’ve always adored the editor and founder Kat for her honesty, desire to be inclusive and push boundaries.

The styling in this shoot is by my colleagues Erica of Mr and Mrs Unique and Alexandra of Bijou Bride is utterly delicious, the sequins, the colours, the carefree effortless elegance using both designer and high street fashion choices, is HOT!

Enjoy these stunning images from Devlin Photos. Be inspired. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box with your wedding styling choices.

I grabbed Kat, the Founder of Rock n Roll Bride and stylist Alexandra of Bijou Bride to give us the low down about the shoot and the importance of evolving!

Where did the concept for Dreamland come from?

Kat: I went to Dreamland as part of a good friend Sophie’s (owner of Crown and Glory) hen do last summer and as soon as we walked in Lisa (our photographer) and I both said we’d LOVE to shoot there one day. It’s a rainbow coloured retro fun fair with just the right amount of kitsch. While the fun fair thing has kinda “been done” a lot in bridal, we really though Dreamland would provide a brilliantly unique spin on the idea. It’s such a playful and colourful place.

What inspired your fashion choices?

Kat: My fashion team and I always have various shoot ideas bouncing back and forth. We have an extremely active Facebook messenger group and we chat almost every day in fact! There’s usually one little thing that inspires us –  it could be a photo we’ve seen, a dress, a location or even a model we’ve found on Instagram. We then expand the idea from there, always trying to find a way we can put a twist or different spin on it. With this shoot, Dreamland was the catalyst but we didn’t want to do anything obvious – a 50s, retro shoot for example, so we decided on the clothing theme to be sequins! (Nu Bride: And what a brilliant theme it is)

How can readers recreate some of these fashion forward looks for their own wedding day?


Alex: It’s all about the sequins!  You can cleverly use sequins as the main attraction or as a stylish accent. So, whether you choose a glittering wedding dress or just a statement jacket, you can easily and effortlessly step outside what is expected and add that sparkle.

Don’t be afraid of colour, bold tassel earrings (Nu Bride: Love these!) or a bright lipstick will guarantee you stand out from the wedding crowd.

I can see that Rock n Roll Bride are making efforts to bring more race diversity online, in your magazine and definitely in your shoots – why has this message resonated with you so much?


Kat: Thank you!

Over a decade ago I launched Rock n Roll Bride to be the antidote to all the traditional wedding media. When I got married in 2008 I didn’t see myself, or my tastes, represented anywhere so I filled the gap. I wanted my blog to show that there was a different way to do things, no matter what your style or budget. I’ve always tried really hard to be inclusive whether that be with same-sex weddings, showcasing different cultures (we have a huge international and non-English speaking following!) or with people from a variety of backgrounds.

However, after taking part in Catalyst Convention with you last year I knew we had to do more. It wasn’t enough to ‘just so happen’ to feature a diverse range of people, we had to take affirmative action, and purposely make an effort to include couples and models from different backgrounds and cultures, with different body shapes, abilities and sexual orientations. This was important to do on the blog but even more so in the print magazine.


Why is it important in 2018?

Kat: In my opinion, wedding print media is still, even today, completely white washed and not at ALL inclusive. You only have to look at the newsstands to see what I’m talking about. Almost every single magazine cover has a slim blonde model on it… sometimes they might go wild and use a brunette… but a black model? A plus sized model? A non-model model? FORGET IT. (EVIDENCE:

Yes some may feature a few black models, or the odd same-sex wedding inside, but I can’t help but feel it’s nothing more than tokenism. It’s really important to me to equally represent same-sex couples as well as straight ones, and black models as well as white ones, for example. Although we don’t get as many real wedding submissions from gay couples, we always feature at least one in every issue, and although we find it harder to source black or Asian models, we make sure we use them just as often as we do Caucasian ones.


Rock n Roll Bride has definitely evolved over the past few years – tell us why you think it’s important to keep evolving?

Kat: Evolve or die! That’s my motto. (Nu Bride: No dying here please!)

If I was doing the same thing as I was even three years ago I would be bored as hell. I’d also soon be left behind. Especially when you work online things change so quickly, you have to be able to move with the punches and keep on top of it. The most brilliant thing about running my own business is my ability to switch things up at the drop of a hat. I can literally have a new idea and start putting it in motion that very same day. That’s AMAZING.

Some people are driven by money, some people are driven by fame or acclaim, I’m driven by always being on the cusp of something new. I’m at my most excited and passionate when I’m about to launch a new project. It fires me up so much! If I couldn’t keep switching things up and trying new things I think I would have given up and gone back to working for someone else a long time ago!

Ladies, this is delicious! Thank you Kat for giving me some of your time and for sharing your insights and this refreshing shoot with us. HOT!

This shoot was first featured in Rock n Roll Bride magazine issue 18. Its available on newsstands until 28th February or you can order it via the Rock n Roll Bride website here  . Issue 19 hits newsstands on the 1st March!

The Talent

Creative Direction: Kat Williams
Photography: Devlin Photos
Styling: Mr & Mrs Unique & The Bijou Bride
Hair & Make Up: Love Hair & Co.
Model: Nalu via Leni’s Models
Location: Dreamland, Margate

Look 1

Dress: Gibson Bespoke
Earrings: L.O.M Fashion
Shoes: ASOS

Look 2

Dress: Loonigans

Look 3

Dress: Missguided
Earrings: L.O.M Fashion

Look 4

Jumpsuit: Rosa Bloom
Shoes: Charlotte Mills

Look 5

Jumpsuit: Charlie Brear via The Bridal Edit
Cape: L.O.M Fashion
Shoes: Charlotte Mills

Look 6

Dress: Anna Campbell via The Bridal Edit
Shoes: Charlotte Mills

Look 7

Dress: Gibson Bespoke
Earrings: L.O.M Fashion

Look 8

Jacket: Isolated Heroes
Trousers: Missguided
Shoes: Boohoo

Look 9

Jacket: Missguided
Trousers: Missguided
Vest: ASOS
Earrings: L.O.M Fashion
Shoes: Boohoo

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