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Oh this couple!
Superheroes, cabbies and deck chairs, meet the delightful Sayuri and Wai. They travelled all the way from Japan, ( 5845 km to be precise), to enjoy celebrating their Valentines Day engagement with a quintessentially British love shoot in London amongst some of this cities finest landmarks! Captured by the delightful Matt Badenoch, this photoshoot is filled with love and a whole lot of London cheekiness.
I defy you not to smile.
Say hello to Wai for his brilliant rundown.

How you met?

We met in 2011 at Japanese language school, Sayuri was at our school party teaching us Japanese. At that time I didn’t really pay much attention to her, (Nu Bride: charming LOL)

Three years later we were living two separate lives in Japan;  I was studying at a hotel vocational school, while she was working at a hotel. When I graduated, I found a job at a hotel, 2 months later Sayuri ‘Facebooked’ me and sent me a message; I was like “hey who’s this?” And it all began from there.

Proposal story?

I decided to take Sayuri to Disneyland in Tokyo, we both live in Fukuoka which is south of Japan.
I bought her engagement ring half a year in advance.
I lied to her and said I just wanted to spend our Valentines at Disneyland for 2 nights, so we went to a travel agency to book our trip.
For our stay, I insisted on booking our hotel at one of the main Disney hotels, but Sayuri wanted to save money and said that we shouldn’t. So I lied, again (Nu Bride: LOL!) and temporarily booked a cheaper one.
A few days later I went back to the agency and changed it to the Disney one.
Anyway, our first day at Disneyland was on 14th February St Valentine’s Day 2016, we had a long hectic and fun day, we had dinner and went back to our room.
I then lied.
I said that I was knackered and needed to lie down, I told her to take a shower first. After that, I got my 50 cheap L.E.D candle lights that I bought online and made some sort of pathway leading to a teddy bear with the engagement ring. I surrounded the bear and ring in a heart-like shape with the L.E.D lights. I then hid inside the closet with the lights turned off.

She called out for me “baby Chan” (that’s what she calls me), I heard her say “ huh?” in a surprising kinda way, I then came out from the closet and watch her fiddle with the teddy bear and ring box, after that I went on my knees and proposed to her in both Japanese and English, she cried. The rest is history!

 Favourite things about each other?

We like to joke around a lot (Nu Bride: I can see that!)

When we argue , I argue in English and Sayuri argues in Japanese so it’s a fair fight

What are you looking forward to most about marrying each other?

Sayuri –  Definitely having a family together.
Wai Kid – Being able to taste her cooking everyday!

The Talent

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