5 Things You Should Think of Before Booking Your Wedding Entertainment Band

Wedding entertainment is no doubt one of the key aspects to consider during your wedding planning. Entertainment is vital in helping to add atmosphere to your celebration and ensure your guests have a great time and leave with long lasting memories of an incredible day.
You will have no doubt discovered there is SO much choice when it comes to choosing your wedding entertainment. There is no one size fits all and there are a lot of entertainment options to explore and also plenty of common mistakes to avoid.
SO with this in mind, I hope this little piece I have put together with the help of delightful Nu Bride family member Bands for Hire; a popular music agency that provides a hugely eclectic selection of bands and wedding entertainment, here today to will help you with your wedding entertainment planning.
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NB: Boring. Yes. Sorry.
But as with every other wedding service you book, it is strongly recommended that you get a contract with your chosen entertainers so that you can both manage your expectations before and avoid any surprises on the day itself. 
Things like meals are often overlooked and not factored into budgeting. Did you know if you have suppliers that work for you over meal times, they too will need to be fed?
This is also the perfect time to check if your chosen venue has any sound limitations –  (something most couples don’t even think of), which may mean you either need to re-think the entertainment you can have, get additional equipment such as a sound limiter and get that all factored into the contract.
BFH: A contract ensures that both the couple and entertainment act know exactly what’s being agreed. The contract should cover performance times, arrival and finish times, length of time at the venue, number of members performing, venue location, any pre-agreed meals,  performance times,  payment terms, cancellation terms and any other terms and conditions to ensure there are no disputes or misunderstandings before or on the day itself.
Over the last few years there’s been a huge uptake in the number of venues that have some form of sound restriction in place, usually due to license agreements and nearby neighbours. One of the most common methods of keeping the volume down is a sound limiter – a small device that monitors the sound level and cuts off the power should a maximum decibel limit be reached for a period of a few seconds. Most bands are happy to work with these but it’s best to let them know in advance as they may need to know exactly what the limitations are before committing to the booking.
Another method is for the venue to install their own PA system which has a limiter/compression unit installed in order to keep the volume at a certain level. There are a number of other sound restrictions that can come up so always check before booking your venue and speak with your entertainment act who can offer advice.

Don’t Overdo it

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NB: Couples often worry about guests being bored and to avoid this, it can be easy to think you have to throw every form of entertainment at your wedding day. Too much entertainment can end up overwhelming guests. I believe it’s all about creating the right atmosphere and balance throughout key moments of the day and any moments where there might any “lulls” I always say –  go through your wedding day timeline and walk yourself through it as a guest and not as the wedding couple and think about how you would want to experience it.
BFH: We usually recommend entertainment at the key times of the day: a short period as guests arrive for the ceremony, a few songs during the ceremony and then an hour for the drinks reception. When it comes to entertainment, the evening is the most important part of the day, so if budget is limited, background music on an mp3 player is ideal during the breakfast. (Mr Nu Bride and I did this and it worked perfectly – most people wanted to chat and enjoy their food during this part of the day)
If you think you want to incorporate live music into your wedding breakfast, I usually recommend some instrumental music such as piano, harp or solo guitar; anything with vocals is best saved for the afternoon drinks reception or evening instead, when people are looking to be entertained.

Can you have too much entertainment?

NB: So on the one hand we are advising you not to saturate your guests with too much entertainment, but there is a balance. You don’t want to leave any glaringly dull moments either. (We’ve all been to those weddings)! Aim to create an atmosphere that you would want to receive as a guest. Time will fly by for you, but for guests there are moments of the day that could benefit from some entertainment influences and work as good ice-breakers, such as the drinks reception, for example.
BFH: I usually recommend two lots of live entertainment as a minimum; something during the drinks reception to keep things interesting, and something in the evening. A wedding band is always a popular choice in the evening, as they offer party playlists between sets to keep the party going – the last thing you’ll want is background music between sets when guests are ready to dance.  (Nu Bride: The combination of a DJ and live band often work really well together too).


NB: What music shall we have for our wedding day? This is a common request I get as a blogger. How to choose a good selection of songs that suit eclectic tastes, whilst also making sure you and your partner have a playlist you are happy with.
Hosting a wedding party that people will talk about for years is all in how you make your guests feel and ensuring there is a bit of a mix for the youngest ones to the oldest souls on the dance-floor. Explore your playlist in advance with your DJ and / or musicians. They will have a set list of songs for you to choose from (see song requests section below), to ensure you have your favourites all covered. Some couples even ask their guests to jot down a couple of their favourite songs when they RSVP so you can add some of those into your playlist too. It’s worth noting, you might not be able to get every request you have made played, but if they have a vast selection, your entertainment will be able to gauge the style and genre of music you want played in advance you will be in great hands. Trust them to do what they are good at; keeping the dance floor full!
BFH: If you have quite eclectic or unusual taste in music, there’s nothing to say you can’t add some of that into your day, after all it is your special day! However, you may like to sprinkle sparingly in order to keep the majority of guests entertained.
For evening entertainment, the safe bet is an all round party band who cover a little bit of everything. In reality, even a ‘soul band’ will probably cover a broad range of contemporary music and modern pop meaning you can certainly lean in one direction whilst still making it accessible for everyone.

Song Requests 

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BFH: Every band will have set repertoire that they work from, therefore, if you have any special requests, it’s best to communicate these with your chosen musician as far in advance as possible. Although most songs only require a week to learn, hectic summer schedules mean that musicians and bands need to set time aside in their diaries to rehearse any special requests. It’s worth noting as well, not every song will be suitable for your particular act, it depends on a number of factors such as the make up of the band, instrumentation, vocal range and suitability, for example, we have 50s rock ’n’ roll bands who will only play music from that era in order to remain authentic
It’s slightly different for classical acts, such as harpists or string quartets, who read music, but they will also need to ensure that they have the sheet music in advance. If sheet music is unavailable, plans may need to be made to arrange and score the song to suit the quartet, so again, there is usually a workaround, but do plan in advance so any requests can be accommodated in good time.  Your chosen act will guide you on this.

Well! That should get you started! The music and type of entertainment you choose to have is a very individual choice and should be personal to you and your partner, your style and the atmosphere/ theme you want to create for your wedding day. For further information about choosing the right entertainment for your wedding and for inspiration, please visit: Bands For Hire

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