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Today, healthy hair!

I met this delightful mother and daughter duo at Stylist Live just before Christmas and love them and their passion for their products so much I have invited them to share their secrets to their healthy heads of hair! I am ALL ears because my hair is problematic!

What intrigued me about SuperFoodLx was not that they were a delightful mother and daughter duo, but their passion in education how important it is to look after our hair from the inside out. Our diet is key in maintaining healthy hair (and preventing grey hairs!) and also understanding how ingredients in styling products we use daily can affect us. Paula is a nutritionist and a Cherry, a nurse and together they have formulated  SuperfoodLx, a range of organic and vegan products designed to promote healthy hair and hair growth. The idea was developed after Cherry formulated an organic product to help Paula’s hair grow back after a bout of stress, and after just a few days of use, it ignited the idea to develop a much-needed organic product range for afro, international and European hair types.

Over to Paula!

Tell us about the inspiration behind Superfood lx what inspired you to get started and go into business with your mum?

SuperFoodLx came about because my hair fell out due to a combination of excessive stress and poor quality hair products and my mum helped my hair to grow back. She made me a little pot of oil (which has since evolved into our Illuminism product) and after my hair began to recover so quickly, it set me on a journey of learning about what is actually in my hair care products.

After learning that so much of what I was using was either harmful to my hair or contained very, very little natural ingredients, it inspired me to create an honest and highly nutrient dense series of formulations to help other women suffering from stress, diet or hormone related hair loss, hair thinning or weak slow hair growth.


What are the key contributors to hair loss?

I feel the top internal contributors are:

1. Stress

2. Diet

3. Hormonal changes

However the top external contributors are:


1. Hair Dyes/Bleach

2. Heat and Chemical treatments

3. Poor quality hair products (with sulphates, mineral oils, petroleum etc) and

4. Repetitive tight or restrictive hair styles

5. People not understanding that hair is like skin and needs different treatment as we age and in different weather.

How does SuperfoodLx work and does it work for every hair type?

SuperFoodLx works by utilising nutrient dense plant-based ingredients. We specialise in the use of superfood ingredients because with modern farming methods, these are the most trusted ingredients we find to truly nourish and feed the hair at an adequate level. Each product pro ducted in small batches and is like a ‘mini balanced meal’ for the hair and skin. Everything comes in UV protected packaging so to preserve the integrity and efficacy of the ingredients which is why so many people have often experienced longer lasting and faster results with our products over larger competitors.

Our vitamins serve everybody and our creams and oils are more tailored to those with dehydrated, unruly and damaged hair. We are steadily broadening our range to help even more people.

Hearing people’s stories of how they have grown their hair back or the texture of their hair has improved when they thought all hope was lost really makes a great day for us! We are managing to document a few of these stories via our Before and After page  and welcome anyone who wants to take part in our case studies.


What are some of the key ways our nutrition affects our hair health and growth?

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Generalised poor nutrition contributes to early onset of grey hairs and prevents hair growth. Far too many people don’t realise that it’s not just age or stress that can generate grey hairs.

Early greys, weak slow hair growth, brittle, dull hair and hair falling from the root are all signals of vitamin deficiencies. This is not only down to not eating enough vegetables, as even vegans and vegetarians can have the same issue.

Due to modern farming and manufacturing methods, plant-based produce does not have the same nutrient content as food did even 10 years ago, let alone 50 years ago when ‘an apple a day’ actually did help with ones daily vitamin requirements.

How can we improve the health of our hair through the food we eat?
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1 Eat your green and LOTS of them. More than your probably comfortable with.

2 Boost your intake of good quality oils-pumpkin seed, hemp, avocado, chia seed… drizzle these on your rice, soup or salads and see how your skin texture changes. You should notice dry scalp decreases and shine comes back to the hair.

3 Eat more beans, nuts and pulses for trace minerals and fatty acids.

4 Avoid microwaving

5 Snack on organic cucumbers for silica which boosts collagen and strengthens hair and nail growth.

Because we know that the above can be difficult for many people to implement, we have created dietary supplements so that people who do find it tricky to consistently eat a balanced diet can rest assured that they are having a vegan, gluten-free supplement with no fillers, colourings or binders which is helping along the way of their hair growth journey.


What are key nutrients we need in our diet to maintain health hair? Where are those nutrients most commonly found?


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The key is balance.

There is no single magic vitamin which many are led to believe. Vitamins work together like a little symphony or ‘hair growth factory’ with the food in our system to cultivate the building blocks for strong hair growth. Eat your greens, drink clean spring water and introduce healthy oils (avocado, hemp, chia, pumpkin) in conjunction with all the things which contribute to a balanced meal, carbs, proteins, fruit sugars for example.

Why is SuperFoodLx a Vegan product?

Because you can never go wrong with a legitimately clean, green cruelty free beauty product. You don’t have to be vegan to appreciate the added luxury that comes from a good quality plant-based product.

Anything else you want to add?

If anyone would like to become a Before and After case study and see the real difference in SuperFoodLx with savings on your hair growth journey, please contact Paula at for more details.

I’m also delighted to let you know that SuperfoodLX are also offering Nu Bride readers a 25% discount on their hair growth products. Just use the discount code: NUBRIDE at the checkout!

Thank you for such brilliant insights Paula. Ladies  and gents – pay attention to what you put into your body! I had no idea a bad diet contributed towards grey hair until I read Paula’s article. Duly noted! 

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