Wedding Day Confidence: A Masterclass

This is something I am asked about. A.LOT on NU Bride. How to feel confident and / overcome wedding day insecurity?

The traditionalist format of a wedding day assumes that we all enjoy being the centre of attention. It assumes that we enjoy being looked at. It assumes that we all enjoy having our photographs taken, it assumes that we are all the most charismatic, eloquent, masters of public speaking.

Weddings can bring out insecurities we didn’t even know existed or just make us feel pretty un-confident.

See we’re not all blessed with the gift of confidence – at least – we don’t think we are.

People associate me with being confident. I’m a frequent public speaker, the face of my brand, a firm fixture a networking events, a trainer. I used to act in theatre and film and still partake in the occasional sing-song. BUT I wasn’t always confident and even someone like me who adores public speaking and went through professional drama school, has moments of insecurity. But I don’t let it stop me.

Growing up I spent most of my young adolescence wanting to be invisible. Clumsy with my words.  Constantly worried about not being good enough, feeling inferior because of the colour of my skin. I did a lot of work on my self-worth to get to a place where I can openly speak about things that I love, but more importantly things that make me feel vulnerable. To be able to address the most intimate of audiences about diversity, or performing on stage to 1000’s at Wembley Arena . It took work, technique and a little magic. But it can happen and it’s one of the reasons I decided to study as a therapist to help people be their best selves, rather than compromising!

If you’ve never really felt confident or good enough, if being the centre of attention on your wedding day is causing you more anxiety than you expected, or if you simply want to rock the day, do a kick ass speech, stand up to family in your life, feel proud of yourself and bloody amazing on your wedding day, and beyond. Then this one’s for you kiddo.

I would love to invite you and your tribe to join a confidence masterclass I have the pleasure of hosting on Saturday the 20th January in central London. We’ll be exploring confidence what it all means and how to embrace it, breaking through what holds us back and we will finish off with an insightful, magical workshop with a leading voice coach, to help you really master confidence, find your inner voice and help you get out of your comfort zone for 2018!

Photo: Sanshine Photography taken whilst I was speaking at unconvention earlier this year

Enjoy the masterclass and a light lunch with me. Bring your best girls and guys! If this sounds like you or someone you know, I would love to see you there, because it doesn’t have to be this way!

PSSSST My gift to you  –  the first three Nu Bride readers who book, get a complimentary 30 minute 1-2-1 follow-up mentoring session with me too. Come and be inspired!



Header image of me up to mischief on my wedding day: JK Photography

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