Reflections on Marriage: Five Years On

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I cannot believe how quickly five years have gone. My own marriage the catalyst for starting this wedding blog, the catalyst for a career and lifestyle change.

I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. How I wanted time to stand still. To bottle up every single emotion of the day and  hold onto it forever.

I was speaking with an old college chum recently about marriage and I asked if they were married. They said no and that they felt  life was too short for ‘constraints’ and it made me think a little. How many still see marriage as a shackle from which you don’t have any freedom, as something that restricts or confines you. When I believe it should be the complete opposite. In fact, being married to the right person, somehow it emboldens you, encourages you to live fully and to be your best self, unapologetically.

I remember the love, energy and joy from the people around us – how that love made me feel completely invincible. Marriage is a little bit like that, it gives you these doses where you feel like a superhero!

Life can and does take your breath away. It can also wind you. Catch you off guard. Test the resilience of your union  and those superhero strengths.

To me, five years is an important milestone in marriage. A lot can happen in five years. I see that when I look at my wedding pictures and see the faces of people whom we have loved and lost and are no longer in our lives. I also notice the faces that aren’t in the pictures, the one’s who have defining roles in our lives now who we wish were part of our day.

The fifth year of marriage symbolises wood, a sign of strength and wisdom. They say by the fifth year of marriage couples have developed strong roots, gaining insight and deeper understanding from the first five years…

And my, my if I ever doubted it before, I know now our foundation is well and truly rooted.

What I have learned, five years on…

1  That love has the ability to grow beyond depths that I ever imagined when I first said ‘I do’.

2. The ‘when are you going to have children’ question, starts to become even more frustrating and in fact, painful.

3. Flirting is still fun (with each other! lol!)

4. Jealously still exists.

5. The laundry basket still remains a mystery –  much like the toilet seat lid…

6. We still laugh. Every. single. day.

7. Debate and intelligent conversation is hugely attractive.

8. Opposing political views do not automatically spell disaster –  and we didn’t kill each other. Although I still blame him for Brexit.

9. Chasing your own individual dreams is vital.

10. Portion control still doesn’t work –  my husband still eats all my food.

11. We still can’t go a day without seeing each other.

12. Silence is golden. 

13. Pillow talk is hilarious –  (if there were hidden cameras in our house documenting the pointless conversations we entertain, we’d probably win an Oscar)

14. My husband believes in me more than I do myself.

15. I still be remember our wedding vows; ‘with this ring I promise to treasure your love, hold it, protect it and whatever life throws at us, to never let it go’.

Happy Anniversary. Still holding on, five years on.

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