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I had the pleasure of being introduced to JJ Media Group by my friends over at the brilliant Coco Wedding Venues; A brilliant hub for modern, stylish and less obvious wedding and event spaces; something wedding couples are really gravitating towards this year. 

With over 10 bespoke contemporary event spaces in London hot-spot Shoreditch, family owned, JJ Media Group frequently play host to an array of events and shoots for clients, from Chanel  and Google , to chic city weddings.

 I chose JJ Media VIEW studio to be the backdrop for {un}convention London in April. It was important for us to work with an inclusive venue with a flexible space. Thanks to its flexibility, it needs very little done to it at all to make impact, or it can be completely transformed. Its trendy location in Shoreditch and modern, bright interior meant it was the perfect blank canvas and the team were a pleasure to work with.


Marshal Gray Photography 

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From contemporary loft styles, to all white interiors; recently licensed for weddings with venue hire from starting from around £5000, I have invited Amy from JJ Media to introduce you to their magic and to also share some useful tips to choosing an alternative wedding space and some of the benefits of doing so. 

Take it away Amy!

Tell us about JJ Media Group

Rebecca Goddard Photography (JJ Media VIEW)

JJ Media is the foundation for creating beautiful content and breathtaking events. We are dedicated to showcasing the very best products and services to the creative industries. From an editorial shoot to a wedding, we have the knowledge and expertise to help create the perfect day.

What is your favourite wedding space at JJ Media and why?


That’s a tricky one, all of our spaces have their own unique selling factors, from the props to original wooden beams, there really is something great in them all.

Having said that, my favourite space at Wimborne House would have to be ROME. This studio is the perfect venue for larger wedding parties with the added bonus of a roof terrace with stunning views of Shoreditch Park and the city.


If you are after a more intimate wedding venue then my favourite at Perseverance Works is LOFT.

JJ Media | LOFT

What are the most popular wedding spaces at JJ Media?

JJ Media

ROME is currently the most popular and LOFT isn’t far behind now!

More couples are wanting to ditch tradition and go for trendy wedding venue options, why do you think that is?


I believe that couples are realising that they can find a venue within or just outside of their budget, where  they can really put their own stamp on their day. I also feel that couples are now not afraid to plan their entire wedding, from finding the venue, sourcing the caterer, bar, DJ etc…


What tips would you give to wedding couples who want to create a personalised city wedding?

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Research, research, research – A chic city wedding is perfect for many couples, but you have to be prepared to dedicated time to search for the right suppliers and don’t always stick to the first one you find.

Don’t try to cram everything in! Yes everyone wants a photo booth, silent disco, donut wall, cocktail bike, light-up letters and ice vodka sculpture. But do you really need it all? Your wedding will be much more memorable with only a few added extras.

There’s no harm in asking. Want the cocktail waiters for an extra hour, the photo booth with a fancy dress box? Then ask! Most suppliers would rather secure the business and date then leave it hanging.

Make sure you’ve budgeted for enough staff. There’s nothing worse than a slow dinner service or having to wait for a drink at the bar in the evening.You want the day to go as smoothly as possible, so 5 waiting staff per 50 guests, is a good basis to go on. e. (Nu Bride: 100% invest in the staff – nothing worse than slow or inefficient customer service on your wedding day! )

What should couples be aware of when planning a wedding in a blank canvas venue?

JJ Media – AREA

My main piece of advice I give to most couples is once you’ve done your research, try to stick to the least amount of suppliers to provide a service as possible. For example furniture: Yes, one supplier’s chairs may be 50p cheaper than another’s, and someone else’s glasses maybe be cheaper than another’s, BUT they all charge on average £150 to deliver and collect furniture / crockery for example, so really you many end up spending more money and on the day as a result. Without an event planner, you have the added stress of more suppliers and deliveries to worry about. (Nu Bride; so plan ahead, think beyond a short-term saving and consider hiring a wedding planner to help you with these added layers to coordinate if organisation is not your thing!)

How can couples add their own personal touches?

Photo: JJ Media

The great thing about our spaces is that every wedding is different, it doesn’t take much for each wedding to be individual and personal. Whether it be personalised balloons, a flower wall behind the top table, wedding logo etc. As mentioned before you don’t have to have everything to make your own wedding beautiful and memorable in its owns right.


Amy – such a pleasure to have you join us! 

For further details on JJ Media and their array of trendy wedding venue spaces please do visit:

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Header Image: Rebecca Goddard Photography

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