Box Braids: Inspiration to protect your hair this summer

Joining us again with some hair care tips to help you look after your tresses during in sunnier climates is AVOS Hair. You can catch up on some more great hair care, products and tips to looking after your hair here.  Today, some great tips and inspiration specifically if you have natural hair or are thinking of braiding your hair.

Over to Bunmi of AVOS Hair and some of my favourite celebrities who are completely working their boxed braids!

Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles for ALL types of hair, because they are very versatile and easy to maintain. Braids are great if you are transitioning or wanting to stretch out your relaxer, or equally to protect your hair from the sun, or while on holiday or honeymoon.

The key things to bear in mind to ensure that you get the best out of your box braids are:

Not too tight

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Ensure the braids are not too fine and tight (that’s why it’s called box braids instead of micro braids), so the amount of hair extension being added should match the volume of the hair being braided to avoid applying too much pressure / weight on a small section of your own hair.


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The length of your braids should be based on your hair type. If your hair is quite fine then avoid anything longer than your bra line length. If you have thick / coarse hair then you will be able to get away with a longer length.

Feel free to add some colours to your braids, if you have been considering colour this is a good time to try the colour you want to get a feel for how it would look on you.

As your braids start getting older and your wear it in various styles / updo’s avoid pulling too tight at the braids to avoid traction alopecia, which is when the hair is being pulled out from the roots as a result of it being too tight.

Maintaining Braids

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If you want to keep your braids in for more than six weeks, then consider re-doing the braids around the hair line, this will help keep your hair line in a healthy condition.

To maintain, you can spray water based conditioners such as daily damage defence by Philip Kingsley or Cantu for kids conditioning de-tangler as often as you need and where you just want to refresh your hair. You can keep your braids in for no more than 12 weeks to avoid your hair matting up where the braids have grown out.

Washing and Swimming

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If you decide to wash or get your braids wet (swimming) make sure your rinse thoroughly. Dry your hair as quickly as possible, as the water retention adds weight and pulls on your braid, especially your hairline.

Use a scalp cleanser (Organics Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse dry shampoo) followed by a scalp toner (Phillip Kingsley scalp toner) using cotton balls whilst your braids are in on a weekly basis to keep your scalp healthy and flake free.

Extra Tips

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In order to avoid accidentally pulling out your braids from the roots whilst sleeping, you should wear a scarf. This would also help keep your braids smooth and frizz free.

When you decide to take your braids out, ensure you brush out each braided section, one at a time and do an overall comb through just before washing to help prevent hair tangling / matting up when you wash it.

Follow all your protective hair styles with a good treatment before and after your protective style option.

More brilliant tips! Thank you so much Bunmi!

For further information on AVOS Hair hop on their website!

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