Nu Bride Top 6 Tear Inducing Wedding Films

Oh the stunning dynamic adding a film to your wedding day brings.

To me, what makes a wedding film stand out is the emotion. A cinematographer who is able to capture the raw emotion,  the atmosphere and beautiful visuals within 30 seconds, is simply excellent. A cinematographer who is able to capture you, the very essence of you and your story and your friends and families joy in a 3 minute video is something quite special. Photographs will always carry a powerful moment in our history, wedding film adds an entirely different and equally powerful dimension.

I am of course biased, because I know some exceptional videographers and film makers and I have stumbled across some beautiful films though sharing such stunning real weddings on Nu Bride. So you can see EXACTLY what I mean, here are just some of my favourites. I tried to pick 5 and failed. SO here are my favourite 6.

Tissues at the ready!

I defy you not to cry! The power of these vows get me every time!

Jenine and Leonard| Urban Cinematography   



“I could do this FOREVER”

Clark and Palmer Wedding Films | Africa and Jermel


Everything about this is simply stunning

Illana and Steven | Urban Cinematography


“This is just the beginning…”

Tosin and MatthewUnique Visuals 



“Now there is no loneliness….When evening falls I will look up and there you will be…”

These vows!

Sandira and Afshin | Viva La Wedding

“We cannot rehearse for the bad moments in life… However, we can commit to infusing our lives with joy, light, love and friendship…”

Seyi (Sheyi) and SimonAdam Galwas


The Talent

Header Image: Caught The Light Photography, | Africa and Jermel

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