5 Tips for Looking After Your Hair in the Summer

With holiday and wedding season approaching at lightening speed, I am delighted to welcome back London-based hairdresser and hair expert Bunmi from Avos Hair to share some expert tips exclusively for you to help you take care of your hair over the coming months.

Bunmi is an expert hairdresser and a master at working with all hair types and is sharing some of her best tips to help you along with hair health today.

Bunmi will be back again soon to share some extra tips if you have natural or braided hair, so hold onto your hats for that. For now. ipads at the ready!  

Over to Bunmi at Avos Hair

During the summer months your hair is exposed to ultraviolet rays, which break down the proteins in your hair, making it dull and brittle. If you apply chemicals to your hair, then this has more of a damaging effect to your hair at this time of the year, the buildup and damage is generally caused by a result of higher levels of heat, salt (from sweating and sea water) and chlorine.

These are the key things you can do to get the most out of your hair, keeping it at its optimum during summer months:


First thing that occurs mostly during the summer months is brittleness. You may find that your hair is a lot duller than normal, due to the increase in heat levels, so the first thing to do to counteract this is to add more moisture to your hair (water – mostly) so regular washing of your hair using a cleansing shampoo and moisturising conditioner. For example, if you usually wash your hair once a week, then increase to twice a week during summer months when more moisture is needed.

Low Heat

This is also the best period for allowing your hair to drip dry rather than applying more heat, so once you have thoroughly rinsed out your conditioner from your hair , apply your leave in products and hair serum to your hair whilst it is wet. This way you lock in more of the moisture. If you use oils, less is more as you don’t want to clog up/ block your pores and weigh down your hair.


Protect your hair using products specifically designed to protect it from chlorine / salt whilst swimming, there are a few products you can apply to your hair before you go swimming, such as Swimcap and Sun Shield by Philip Kingsley, Shea Butter (lightly applied) and SPF (some ingredients to look out for are: Parsol SLX, Benzphenones, Vitamin E, Mauritia Flexuosa (Buriti) Oil based hair products. This also helps minimise damage to the ends, which should be trimmed regularly, every 12 weeks, to maintain healthy hair.


TLC for your Scalp

The most important aspect of your hair is your scalp. For a healthy head of hair, your scalp needs to be in tip-top condition.

Think of your scalp like a plant. If the soil is poor then the likelihood is that the plant would find it a lot more challenging to grow. Use clarifying shampoos to thoroughly cleanse your scalp, or use scalp toners prior to washing your hair, this would lift off the impurities from your scalp.

Tangle Free

Putting your hair into big plaits during activities will help reduce tangling and frizz. So spray a light leave in conditioner prior to putting your hair into a braid or ponytail and avoid pulling your hair too tight.

Eat Well

During the months leading up to summer, people tend to go on diets to get the ‘perfect’ beach body, but remember your hair is the first thing that suffers from any lack of nutrients. So get some whole grain snacks in between your meals, without ruining your diet. (Nu Bride: Foods full of protein and B vitamins such as Biotin also help promote healthy hair and growth. Vitamin E found in whole grain foods helps repair damage caused by ultraviolet light. Yes indeed – you learn something new on Nu Bride every week!)

Here’s to a healthy head of hair! Thank you so much Bunmi!


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