Make up Stories: Your Make Up Must Haves

I recently asked some of you to share their make up stories favourite make up finds with you. I always find the best recommendations are the ones that are tried and tested by consumers and have found some gems from recommendations from women in my network.

Our make up choices tell a story, they carry a bit of a secret weapon for us. Make up can completely transform how we look and at times, how we feel about ourselves.

As a teenager starting to explore by identity and place in the world around me, I remember getting to the age where lipgloss wasn’t going to cut it any more. (Let’s not pretend, I was trying to impress the boys). I became interested in watching my friends and mum (who is much lighter than me) beautify themselves with an array of products. As soon as I was old enough to go into town on my own, and with my own money and hit the high street expecting to come back laden with bags. I hit the obvious stores other teenagers did like Superdrug, Boots, Debenhams etc and nothing.

Make up must haves on Nu Bride

There was absolutely nothing AT ALL for my skin tone in the way of foundation or powder or lipstick other than red. Nothing.

So I made do without for a little longer and as a result got used to not wearing much make up. (thankfully I was blessed with good skin!)

Fast forward a few years, I was first introduced to Clinque and like a child in a candy store I was amazed there was something for me (less excited about the price) it was the only brand I had access to at the time that remotely catered towards my skin tone. But the only trouble was it was the darkest product they had available and was several shades too light. I looked like I was embalmed (I still wore it though because there was nothing else at the time – it wasn’t a good look) . So I have always felt a bit of a slow starter with make up and didn’t have as wide a pool of product choice as some of my peers. Fast forward two decades, brands have certainly  upped their make up game with product choice from the palest of porcelain to the deepest of ebony and with more choice thane ever in the UK.

Finding a foundation was a pain in the backside to say the least,  but when I found one, it stuck like glue, my go to (thanks to Joyce Connor) is Water Proof Liquid Foundation by Make Up Atelier!

I asked what your make up must haves are!

Maxeen Kim Photography

Fen – wife and cake baker

My favourite is MAC clear lip gloss.

I love it because I’m not really into coloured lipstick (although that is changing!) I get really dry lips so it helps with that, and I do love a glossy lip!



John Nassari

Jessica, newlywed and Event Planner

For me, it is eyeliner. It was the very first make-up item I ever tried, and it really deepens my eye colour without having to paint up my face with shadow, or lipstick or foundation. Which helps as I usually get massive break outs, as a result I rarely wear make up because my skin hates it so much.

Oh I also have to absolutely rave about Bare Minerals Skin Serum, which has been the best skin care product I have ever used. I rarely ever use foundation now because of it! It helps my skin recover faster from when I have worn heavy make-up.


Salshan Photography

Sharn: wife and wedding planner

I LOVE my Kanebo face powder from Harrods – literally a life saver and best powder yet!




Laura Power Photography

Helen  – wedding blogger

It has to be By Terry cellularose brightening lumi serum. It is like magic in a bottle!! It’s difficult to describe, but it literally lifts my face. When my skin is looking sallow or I am sleep deprived I add it to my face and BAM it’s all good again. Whenever I wear it to an event someone will comment on how I am glowing or my skin looks really good (and we all love a compliment)!


Carey Sheffield

Joyce – mother, grandmother and make up artist

Mine is my Marc Jacobs Highliner gel crayon. I love it because it’s jet black and lasts all day. (Nu Bride: Short and sweet Joyce lol!)



Gabor Szantai

Kristina – PR Guru

I can’t live without Erborian cc cream, because it makes my skin look natural, smooth, it moisturises and it has sun protection factor too!



Olivia – Wedding Planner 

Lipstick is like that best friend you talk to, to pump you up before an interview or a big date. It always gives me a little boost of confidence so I wear lipstick as often as I can!

Colour wise it’s all a trial and error, but generally I live by my own rules and regularly purge my collection of any shades I don’t wear often. (Usually gets passed on to my best friend so every time she sees me it’s like Christmas all over again! Hehe)

If I could only keep one it would be this one I’m wearing in this picture by Tom Ford in Flame which is my bright orange daring shade!


Jenny Heyworth Photography

Amanda –  Wife and photographer

It has to be my Mac Studio Fix Powder . It is great for covering blemishes and getting rid of shine. Oh and I can’t be without my illamasque mascara!

I love to use mascara because my eyelashes are so fair it looks like I don’t have any!



Beatrici Photography

Rochelle – newlywed,  new mum and hairdresser

Oh it has to be Estee lauder double wear. This absolutely saves my skin on days I have had no sleep from sleepless mummy nights! It makes me feel human again, so I can leave the house without scaring anyone. lol!



Emma – Singer

In my everyday life, I prefer little to no make up, so I love playing dress up when it comes to work!

Last year, a make up artist suggested a highlighter (L.A Girl) and highlighter setting powder (Ben Nye) and the game changed for me lol! I began to contour and highlight for shoots/gigs and I’ve never looked back.

What I love about contouring is the way it enhances your features and gives you an airbrushed and dramatic look that photographs extremely well. You can achieve any look you want simply by shading correctly, it makes me feel ready for the stage and I become my alter ego – Emma May!


Priya – Photographer

As an Indian woman, with a mid to deep skin tone and an uneven complexion, I find the area around my mouth a little problematic as it’s slightly darker. As such I’ve found it quite challenging to find a foundation match.

On recommendation I discovered Illamasqua Skin base foundation in Birmingham Selfridges and definitely do not regret it!  It’s an exact match (even to my neck! Who knew?!) so it cuts out the faff of me having to buy two foundations and mixing them, and a little goes a long way, it has great coverage.

I don’t know how this magic works, but it does!

Wearing this foundation makes me feel confident and comfortable, especially with my problematic areas. I also feel a sense of pride to be wearing a British born brand that does not test on animals. Illamasqua for the win!


Nicola: Wife, mum and coach

I find it hard to narrow it down to just 1! I love my Laura Mercier pressed powder.  I love the colour, and coverage as I can use it to set my make-up or alone as my base.  PLUS it makes me feel finished and ready to face the world



Jay Rowden

Seyi: Wife, teacher and singer

My make up story is Alison Cameron essentially making magic happen on my face. What else is there to add?!?! LOL! (That’s cheating Seyi!)



Charlotte  – wedding planner

Highlighter for sure! It makes my skin look glowy, natural and healthy even if I’m tired (especially after a wedding!) Plus it makes me more photo confident in the way the light catches it. My favourite is Shimmer powder by Seventeen which I am wearing in this picture.



Denise: Wife, mother and Marketing guru

Blimey. This is actually hard. I love my Bobby Brown Shimmer Block, been using one of those for years now. My Revlon matt lip balm – bright red but not ‘in your face’ and I too need my eyebrows with a bit of magic in em’ – I’m currently using a good old Rimmel brow pencil. If I  HAVE to choose one the Shimmer Block, I can use it to give me back life after no sleep.

Aleisha:  Wife and Podcast host

As an Australian, living in London longing for the sun for 10 months of the year, I am deeply committed to Clinique pressed powder bronzer. It’s delicious.

It makes me feel Fresh faced, sun-kissed and kick arse




Don’t go wild now ladies! What’s your one make up must have?


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