A Joyful Nigerian-Irish Wedding at Royal Nawab Manchester

Ours is the purest and most unrelenting love I have ever know. Thank you for choosing, pursuing and honouring me.

Meet the beautiful Kanyin and Malachi who share their  blissfully joyful Nigerian -Irish union with us today.

A marriage centred around their love, their family and more so their Christian faith. Steeped tradition they honoured a traditional Nigerian Engagement Ceremony, where both families are formally introduced, a week before their wedding, and celebrated a wedding day with their own personal vows where they honoured both their Irish and Nigerian culture a week later.

With the colour purple, often associated with royalty, as their backdrop, Kanyin and Malachi married at their local church, King’s Church Manchester and celebrated into the night at the Royal Nawab 

Captured by delightful River Medlock photography who said;

Malachi and Kanyins’ wedding a wonderful celebration, filled with beautiful moments and beautiful music, amazing dance moves and heartfelt speeches. We were so glad to be a part of it and hope you enjoy just a small selection of our favourite photographs from the day!

The Proposal

On the evening of Saturday, 29th January 2015, Malachi arrived at my flat with a bunch of flowers. He was all suited up and looking dapper. We left and arrived in Deansgate.

He attempted to create a diversion by saying we were going into the Hilton hotel so he could stop at the toilet before we made our way to where we were going. However, as soon as we got into the building, he started to make his way towards a queue of people who were trying to make their way up to the bar, Cloud 23 where a table had been reserved for us. This is when I knew something was about to happen!

I got super excited and nervous and went to the toilet to compose myself and back to our seats. (Nu Bride: LOL I know that feeling!)

Next thing, I knew we were walking towards the private area, looking out onto an amazing rooftop view of Manchester and Malachi was holding on to me saying he loved me. In my nervy state, I started to say, “I love you too” then realised he was mid way through declaring his love for me and falling to his knees!

It was such an amazing moment as he took out the ring. I said Yes! and he slipped it on my finger.

He stepped out for a minute to get our drinks and coats that we left on the other seats and in came his photographer friend to recapture our proposal.

After all of this, we were both able to relax, went for another drink at the Midland hotel bar while we waited for our dinner reservation at the restaurant where we had our very first date, Don Giovannis, Deansgate, Manchester.


Coming Together

We are both so relaxed and wanted our day to be less theatrical and more of a celebration of our coming together.

On the day, it was so beautiful to see all our family and friends genuinely having a great time.

My husband and I took on the task of planning our wedding! I would recommend using a wedding planner, if you can afford one. I’d imagine it would take some of the pressure off.

Nigerian Engagement Ceremony

I am Nigerian and it is custom or Nigerians prior to the western church wedding, is a traditional engagement ceremony. We had this a week before our wedding date.


In a sense, some would say we were traditionally married at our Nigerian traditional engagement ceremony as it follows a similar style to a wedding church ceremony and reception. I would describe it as a beautiful incorporation of my roots and upbringing before walking into another chapter of my life. (Nu Bride: How truly lovely) 


I got to learn more about the elements and meaning behind conducting the Nigerian traditional ceremony as well, which was a bonus.

For our wedding day, it was a lot easier to ensure both our cultures were incorporated. This was reflected in our choice of music and food at the reception.

The Dress:

I found my wedding dress the first day I went to try on dresses. (Nu Bride: No way!)

Its safe to say I was very shocked this happened as I didn’t expect to find THE dress on the first day of trying on dresses.

It was not the style I initially thought I would go for. This is because I wore a similar style outfit for my high school prom many years before. However, when I got to the bridal shop. The shop owner added this never before worn dress to the rack of dresses I was going to try on.

When I put it on, I went silent and my friends who went trial shopping gasped. I knew it was the one I wanted. It was super flattering. I loved the silver and lace detail on the dress and it didn’t need any alterations! (Nu Bride: sounds like it was made for you!)


The suit

The suit was tailor made from Italian wool via T.M Lewin and is the best suit I own. It’s a kind of navy blue but very subtle. It was hard to find, I looked around for a long time, the fit was perfect and colour was my style that’s why I chose it – it had to be perfect even with the high price tag.

To capture our day we chose River Medlock photography who were so amazing. What a duo! I loved the personal and natural style of photography and the turnaround time was amazing.

Equally, Bara Weddings were great with documenting our day through film and the turnaround time was great too.


The Ceremony

My husband and I are Christians so this means the way we live our lives is to be more like Jesus and with Him as the foundation of our marriage.

So our wedding ceremony was held at our church, King’s church. The ceremony included 3 worship songs, exchanging vows and rings, a bible reading, a short message by one of the leaders of our church (who took our pre- marital counselling sessions), prayers, and the signing of the register.

One of the funniest moments during our ceremony was when Malachi had to pronounce my full maiden name; it’s a mouthful; “Oluwakanyinsola Oluwasayofunmi Abiona”. He did this correctly and all our guests cheered!

My favourite moment of our wedding day was when my husband said his personalised wedding vows to me. I was so close to bawling my eyes out. I was so excited to finally be committing our lives to each other.

Malachi’s favourite  moment was getting married at the church we had grown so much in and currently attend was a really special moment.

The Reception

My favourite colour is purple so I looked for items which had elements of lavender, lilac and shades of burgundy where possible. So my flowers had elements of all these colours. My wedding cake was a mini representation with ombre gradients of burgundy then purple, white and lavender tips at the top.

We tried to practice our first dance prior to our wedding day but in the end, it was quite informal, we just enjoyed swaying to the music and were flanked by other couples.

Challenges and Triumphs

Finding the balance between a ceremony for us and one that included our family’s preferences was a challenge to begin with and in the end, a triumph. We had a wedding that was a beautiful combination of both of cultures. This was because we recognised that our wedding day was a huge celebration for us, but also for the input our families had in bringing us up and supporting us throughout our lives even with paying for our wedding too. As Christians, we were once more encouraged to honour our parents as we try to daily.


Tips for Other Couples

Enjoy your day, be true to yourself, take out time during the course of the day to just relish the moment.


Just delightful. Thank you so much for sharing a snippet of your wonderful wedding and engagement ceremony with us Kanyin and Malachi

The Talent

Photographer: River Medlock photography

Cinematographer:  Bara weddings

Ceremony King’s Church Manchester

Reception: Royal Nawab Manchester  

Bride’s Fashion:  Dress / outfit: Nancy Jane Brides

Accessories / Jewellery: Debenhams 

Shoes: Debenhams 

Makeup and hair: La vive beauty 

Groom’s Fashion: Suit & Shoes: TM Lewin  and Next 

The Girls

Bridesmaid Outfits: DIY dress 

The Guys

Groomsmen Suits:  Personal choices (Groom’s men’s own blue suits)

Personal Touches: Cake: Jessica’s Patisserie 

Flowers and Décor:  Flourish Manchester 

Favours: Provided by close family and friends

Stationery: Joanna’s designs

The Entertainment: DJ: Budiano 

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    Aww thank you much for the feature 🙂

    • Nu Bride
      June 28, 2017 at 8:44 pm #

      Such a pleasure. Thank you for sharing Kanyin!

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    Amazing wedding, great shots!

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