Adding Culture to Your Wedding Stationery

I adore the opportunity weddings bring to get creative and to provide us with the opportunity to send something to family and friends that isn’t a bill!

Wedding stationery remains one of those elegant wedding traditions. Wedding stationery is your guests first impression of your wedding day, a taste of things to come, so I say if you’re going have stationery do it properly and do it with intention. You can get creative with your stationery, you can choose something that represents your sense of style, your personalities and even your cultures. Being creative with your wedding stationery is a beautiful way to fuse two cultures together.

I asked talented stationery designer of over eleven years, Vaishali  founder of Ananya Cards; a master at fusing exotic cultures with western style, to join us today to inspire you with some contemporary design ideas to easily add your culture to your wedding stationery. 

Over to Vaishali!

1. Cultural Design Essentials

Choosing and working with the right wedding stationery designer for you is essential.

But over and above that it’s also important that you pull together everything that you need to include from a cultural perspective early on.  Some helpful things to think about are cultural heritage themes. For example will the theme reflect a broad heritage based on the traditions of your ancestry? Or, will it be more focused on any respective religious beliefs?

2. Colours

Nu Bride: Adding colours are a very simple way to fuse cultural traditions into your wedding stationery and also into your entire wedding theme. For example, many Nigerian weddings include guests wearing traditional Nigerian attire, such as Yoruba which can match or accent the main wedding colours. (We’ll be talking more about adding colours to your wedding theme next week)

Consider, are there certain colours that either need to be included or indeed, avoided?! For example deep and vibrant reds are popular in Chinese and Indian weddings, (symbolising love, prosperity, fertility and more), but less so in traditional western weddings.

If red symbolises something in your culture that you want to include within your theme and design, perhaps you can use red in a monogram design on a more traditional heavyweight cream paper to balance the two.

3. Symbols

Are there any symbols or motifs that are important within your culture that you want to, or need to include?

For example in India we revere Ganesh. He’s the elephant God that symbolises good luck and the removal of obstacles. He’s often incorporated into invitations in a stylised interpretation.

Your designer can look at how symbols and motifs can be used in your stationery to reflect the joining together of both your cultures.

4. Traditions

If you are having a religious ceremony and incorporating many cultural / religious traditions, it may be something that not every guest is familiar with. So consider if you want to include additional information with an invite on what to expect. ( Nu Bride: These can be a lovely and helpful way to include guests – my brother and sister-in-law did this for their guests. They had a British-Jamaican and Slovak wedding and there were many of their favourite traditions from each culture explained in their on-the-day stationery, so we could all be involved and enjoy the moments without feeling excluded, to learn about some truly beautiful traditions and it was also lovely to keep as a token after the wedding).

Consider incorporating a notecard or even a booklet that explains the ceremony, traditions and their significance?

A creative designer will want to know about you both and your style preferences and pull together aspects from both of you. both aspects. Ananya’s lace inspired designs, for example, harmoniously blend metallic with more monochromatic backgrounds of black or white.

5. Invite Inspiration

Pinterest is an amazing resource of inspiration for all things wedding, obviously! But, before you get carried away ‘pinning’ don’t forget about real life inspiration.

I’ll let you into a secret.

Even in these days of digital technology, I also have a journal to hand that’s my ideas book. (Nu Bride: ME TOO!) When I’m on my travels I might take a photo of say, a brilliant blue powder used for dyeing. Or it might be the colours in a piece of art in a gallery. And, don’t forget to look around you.

At Ananya we are always looking around! If you’re in the UK and looking for real life inspiration, take a trip. How about the inspiration of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton for the visual style of India? Or maybe a visit to the Japanese rooms at the British Museum for Japanese inspiration? And finally ask family. Asking a grandparent or parent about what inspires them from their culture may lead to some inspirational discoveries and it’s also a great way to include them in wedding planning.

Whatever your cultural heritage is, embrace its beauty rather than feel constrained by the weight of convention. Bring your imagination to life and talk through your ideas with your stationer. When diverse cultures join together, design magic happens!

I love this and could not agree more! Thank you so much for joining us today Vaishali. Be inspired!

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