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Well these two are clearly smitten!

Meet the gorgeous Jazz and Osagie (OJ) who are due to join team married imminently. They met on a chance encounter in Bournemouth high street and with the help of a very talented matchmaker they tie the knot this weekend!

Capturing moments as they unfolded in their Westminster engagement shoot, talented Keith of Bridle Photography, said;

Jazz and OJ are amazing! They both had the best personalities and you can see they are a match made in heaven!

Discover more from the gorgeous Jazz and OJ below.

How did you met?

We met on 27th September 2015 Bournemouth high street. OJ was talking to my sisters boyfriend who is also his barber. I informed my sisters boyfriend later on that I liked the look of OJ and I asked him to find out if he was single.

Turns out OJ never even noticed me that day! But thankfully, my sisters boyfriend played the role of a pretty good matchmaker and the rest is history!


Proposal Story

The lowdown from OJ:
It was on Jazz’s 29th birthday and we were spending the afternoon with her family as she was due to fly out to Florida the next day to spend Christmas with her best friend. Earlier in the morning, I went ring shopping (unknown) to Jazz. While spending the afternoon with her family, I managed to speak to her family while Jazz went to her room and told them of my intentions to propose to Jazz. Her family were very supportive of my intentions and with their help we were able to plan an amazing way to propose to her.
With all suggestions coming thick and fast while Jazz was still in her room, her mum and sister suggested we go for a walk to her favourite place she usually went to when she was a child. So her sister told her she and the family should go for a little walk. Jazz wasn’t too impressed with the idea as a result of it being her birthday. Eventually she decided to go for the walk to her favourite place she went to when she was a child and on getting there with the family all taken aback and watching. I popped the question and Jazz thankfully accepted….I then flew off to America for two weeks!

Favourite things about each other?

Jazz: My favourite thing about OJ is how much he makes me laugh & how thoughtful he is.
OJ: My favourite thing about Jazz? Well, there are too many to list, but mainly how she goes out of her way in more ways than one to make me always happy!

What are you looking forward to most about marrying each other?


Jazz: I am looking forward to annoying OJ for the rest of his life and having many adventures with him. (Nu Bride: LOL!)

OJ: I’m looking forward to Jazz taking my name and being stuck with the best woman for me for the rest of my life !

The Talent

Bridle Photography

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  1. Voyteck
    May 31, 2017 at 6:28 pm #

    cool photos Keith!

  2. Aleksandra
    October 13, 2017 at 8:28 pm #

    Great photos and a wonderful couple!

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