An Interview with Amie Bone

Around March of every year I get my blog Angels to look at what the most popular articles were from the previous year to the present date and who the most popular Ambassadors are. It’s no surprise, that when I found out that Amie Bone has been one of the most popular  2016-2017 Nu Bride Ambassadors.

Amie and I met at one of our favourite haunts at the Rosewood hotel las year when I interviewed her over a cuppa. She had me welling up a few times! Talent aside,  Amie is such a genuine and authentic soul, runs her business with her family at the very core and much like me, wears her heart on her sleeve. I am sure you will love her even more after this article. Thank you for being you Amie and thank you for your honesty.

Find out a little bit more about the lady behind the incredible Amie Bone Flowers 

What inspires your opulent designs

Lisa-Payne-ABF-Claridges-1026 Photography: Lisa Payne

Everything. Absolutely everything inspires me.

Sitting here now and looking at these moss balls on the table at The Rosewood Hotel

Life is inspiring.

Drawing inspiration from everything that’s around me.

Colours, textures. Absolutely Everything.

I love it.

How is it working with your husband, go on. Tell the truth

14522942_1287552814609233_3080164425238193265_nPhotography: Sanshine Photography

I’d be lost without him. (Nu Bride: Wells up)

He really is my partner in crime

It is hard, working together, but we couldn’t work without each other. It would break if we weren’t working together. We’ve managed to get a good balance and when we’re not together we miss each other.

I love him and he loves me (I hope) (Nu Bride: LOL!)

What were your wedding flowers like?

Jay and I got married over 12 years ago and when we married we were absolutely skint, so we didn’t have any flowers and had balloons on our tables instead.

To make up for it when we renewed our vows over 2 years ago, I had absolutely everything that every little girl could possibly want. We went to town with our florals and it was then that I knew I could do luxury wedding flowers and that was what fuelled me into the luxury wedding market. If I can do it for myself then I can do it for anyone else.

We did our own florals on the morning of the ceremony and then got dressed!

We did most of the set up the day before and handled the finer details the day of the vow renewal. I didn’t see the room completely finished until the wedding day itself.

I cried. Everyone cried. It was absolutely stunning.

Favourite flower?

Roberta-Facchini-mandarin-wedding-photographer-roberta-facchini-49Photography: Roberta Faccini

Difficult. I love so many flowers. (Nu Bride: Well, of course!) Hydrenga’s

Challenges and triumphs of running your own business and balancing motherhood?

Sanshine-Photography-13220529_1179676572063525_1131286291326658272_oPhotography: Sanshine Photography

The biggest challenge is the staff…Big time.

We find it very hard to find good florists that are capable of working under pressure and being consistent with quality in their arrangements and style that they execute.

It takes a long time to be great at what you do and not everyone can make that transition into luxury.

My team are exceptional at what they do, so it’s very very difficult to find great people.

Triumphs are some of the amazing jobs we get to be part of . From coming up with designs right through to execution. When you stand back and think “we did that” it feels amazing.

My son Albert is part of all of this. A lot of the work we do is created at our studio which is in our house. Of course Albert’s there and we will encourage him to sweep up the floor and move the buckets. At the end of the day, this is all going to be his one day (I hope), if he wants to take the family business over and to also know what it’s like to sweep the floor and to have a working mum.

When it comes to Albert, I miss out on a lot being a working mum, which is very hard for me. But if we didn’t run our own business, Albert wouldn’t get to have the life we’re building for him. It’s very hard. We don’t get to spend as much time with him as we would both like,  but that’s just the way it is for the time being.

Everything we are striving for, sacrificing and working towards at Amie Bone Flowers is for him and it would make me very proud if he were to take the business over one day.

Favourite thing to do when you’re not working (if that ever happens)

Lisa-Payne-ABF-The-Grove-Outdoor-Wedding-1138Photography:Lisa Payne

I don’t relax very well. (Nu Bride: I Know! Work in progress)

I do like me holidays.

I do enjoy a Caribbean beach. (Nu Bride: I always knew you were a woman of good taste) I don’t get to go away as much as I would like at this particular moment in time, but I absolutely thrive on work. I thrive on the pressure of it .That is me. I am never happier then when I’m working. Coming up with some new hair brain scheme that’s going to be amazing. That’s good for me too.

Who do you admire?

Lisa-Payne-ABF-Stoke-Place-NYE-1028Photography: Lisa Payne

My mum (Amie instantly wells up)

She’s not creative in the slightest, but she’s always there to listen to you and to guide you in the right way.  I hope one day I can be like her where Albert’s concerned. I feel really emotional answering that question.

I admire her a lot.  Don’t get me wrong, she gets on my nerves, but I admire what she stands for and I know she’s proud of what we’ve done.

Tissues at the ready right! Thank you so much Amie.

For more details please visit:

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The Talent

Header Image: Sanshine Photography

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