Laid Back London Wedding| Claudine Hartzel Photography

We very much went with the flow for our UK wedding and had a fairly casual attitude to it.  We wanted a day of love, happiness and celebrations.

Meet the gorgeous Shivani of British – Sri Lankan heritage and her lovely British – Polish groom, Yakub. This ecstatic pair were married on the  23rd April 2016 at Southwark Registry Office in a civil ceremony followed by a laid back wedding lunch and reception at Bermondsey Yard Café with their nearest and dearest, followed by a big destination wedding later that year.

I’ve been wanting to share this fabulous photographers work on Nu Bride for ages! Welcome, debut wedding on Nu Bride from the brilliant  from Claudine Hartzel Photography, this laid back, smile inducing affair is full of friends and family, love and laughter.

Over to beautiful bride Shivani for the details.

The Proposal



We travelled to Kerala together. A truly special place as we had scattered my father’s ashes here.

Yakub had set up a beautiful scene on a cliff top over-looking the ocean. He had arranged soft cultural live music, floral decorations and a bespoke dinner before he asked me over the ocean if I would be his wife.  Very special and emotional moment.  

 Coming Together





This was our civil wedding and we are also planning a slightly bigger celebration abroad later that year.  We wanted the day to be relaxed and full of the love of our family and friends which best represents us.

We chose the brilliant Claudine Hartzel as our photographer and we would most definitely recommend her.  She was friendly, flexible and produced the most heartfelt soft images that captured each moment, she did such an amazing job amongst our hectic day!


S_Y-9 S_Y-10 S_Y-11 S_Y-14 S_Y-16 S_Y-22 S_Y-23

S_Y-26 S_Y-27 S_Y-28






We very much went with the flow for this wedding and had a fairly casual attitude to it.  We wanted a day of love, happiness and celebrations.

The coming together of our two cultures was very harmonious as in spite of any difference in our cultures, they very much represent very similar values. (Nu Bride:How lovely)


The Dress:

My wedding dress again ran with the casual theme. It was from Reiss.

My brother Kumar is a bit of a fashion guru!  So he gave both me and Yakub some handy styling tips!  Both Yak and I felt comfortable in what we were wearing which is important.


The Suit: 

Yak’s suit was a combination of a Hugo boss Jacket and trousers, a Reiss shirt and a tie from the brides brother as good luck gesture.


S_Y-64 S_Y-65 S_Y-66 S_Y-67

The Ceremony


Our wedding ceremony was intimate and relaxed.  We were like two excited kids!


S_Y-82 S_Y-83 S_Y-84 S_Y-85 S_Y-86 S_Y-87 S_Y-88 S_Y-89 S_Y-90

We chose music during our ceremony that was very dear to us.  It was a very jovial and light ceremony and the moment we finalised our vows, Yak picked me up off the floor to celebrate!

The whole day was very special and went so quickly.


S_Y-95 S_Y-97 S_Y-100 S_Y-101 S_Y-108


S_Y-109 S_Y-116 S_Y-118 S_Y-120 S_Y-123 S_Y-133
S_Y-136 S_Y-137 S_Y-138
S_Y-145 S_Y-146
S_Y-156 S_Y-159
S_Y-173 S_Y-174 S_Y-178 S_Y-181 S_Y-185 S_Y-187S_Y-243 

The Reception


Our  reception theme was light and relaxed, inspired spring time and warmth.

S_Y-195S_Y-199 S_Y-201 S_Y-211

S_Y-235S_Y-196 S_Y-236 S_Y-237


Laughter is a big feature in our lives so we spend a lot of time with belly ache!

There were so many funny moments during our wedding day, one that springs to mind would be my 2-year-old nephew coming up to give me my ring for that special moment and slamming it down on the table with such a force – as if to resemble thank goodness you’re marrying her!!  (Nu Bride: LOL!)

There was plenty of laughs shared over our wedding speeches too, such great times you wish you could capture and keep.

S_Y-245 S_Y-247 S_Y-251 S_Y-259 S_Y-260S_Y-352S_Y-354 S_Y-262 S_Y-266 S_Y-269 S_Y-273 S_Y-278


Bob Marley is a special artist for us.  It holds a very fond place in my heart growing up and coincidentally it was one of the songs that Yak played when we first met.

For our first dance, we did not rehearse- story of our lives!  Just went where-ever our feet were happy to go. (Nu Bride: Sounds perfect!)

 S_Y-285 S_Y-291 S_Y-296 S_Y-305 S_Y-307
S_Y-314 S_Y-316

S_Y-328 S_Y-329 S_Y-332 S_Y-335 S_Y-337 S_Y-345 S_Y-346 S_Y-347
S_Y-357 S_Y-369 S_Y-372 S_Y-377 S_Y-378 S_Y-383 S_Y-384 S_Y-387 S_Y-393 S_Y-394 S_Y-397 S_Y-398 S_Y-399
S_Y-409 S_Y-410 S_Y-415 S_Y-425 S_Y-427
S_Y-442 S_Y-448

Challenges and Triumphs


Organisation, organisation, organisation!!  We are a bit last-minute and potentially did not think a few things through properly, but the triumph is that we still had a blast of a day without too many disasters!


Top Tip for Other Couples


Take time to sit and plan. Maybe even go through the process of a few trials to see how things could pan out.  Otherwise really breathe in and enjoy that day, it’s so precious and special and moves far too quickly.

Thank you so much beautiful Shivani and Yakub. Thank you for sharing your joyful day with Nu Bride

The Talent

Photographer: Claudine Hartzel Photography

Venue: Bermondsey Yard café

Bride’s Fashion:  

Dress / outfit:  Reiss  

Groom’s Fashion: 

Suit & Shoes: Hugo Boss and Paul Smith

Personal Touches:

Cake: Made My dear mother

Flowers and Décor:

Local florist in London bridge and Bermondsey Yard café

Food:  Bermondsey Yard café



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