The Secrets to a Great Wedding Film

What’s the secret to a great wedding film, you know, the golden ones that leave us streaming with tears within the first 30 seconds?

Allow popular Nu Bride Ambassadors Urban Cinematography to fill you in on understanding what it is that helps create those tear inducing moments that complete move you in moments. It’s all in the edit!

Finding the emotion in every film is hard.

Some couples and their families are just oozing with it, some you have to look for and some you need to cultivate and let the couple know its ok to be themselves and naturally they will relax and find their own authentic emotion. Not every wedding film needs tears to feel the love! It could just be a look or a gesture that leaves us oohing and ahhing.

But a lot of the magic happens in the editing suite!

After a full day of over seven hours shooting, how do you narrow down what footage to keep or cull?


Editing is very subjective and often artistic licence comes into play with certain shots.

We keep all the footage  we shoot on a wedding day.  Until we start editing, we don’t know what we have. Sometimes you may not need some of the shots straight away, but you could start to edit again the next day with fresh eyes and find you need something you initially didn’t.  Sometimes its how the mood takes you that dictates what you use.

The shots that make the final cut are the ones that tell the story.  Every story needs a beginning a middle and an end, so when we film we keep this structure in mind and are always looking for our opening or closing shots. Sometimes its pure luck, other times you need to think a bit outside the box and get creative. Sometimes guests give you the ideas you need,  which is quite useful!

What happens in the editing suite?

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The process is very time-consuming and you need to be inspired to start editing. Sometimes I will leave a job for days and then go back to it with fresh eyes and ideas. I personally enjoy editing late at night as I don’t have any other distractions and can concentrate. Everyone has their own way of editing and what works for one doesn’t work for someone else. Myself and Apos edit totally different with different styles, which is a very interesting point in itself! I will use clips that are soft and feminine and a bit swishy (technical Term) (Nu Bride: LOL!) Apos will go for the big dramatic cinematic shots. When we meet the couples initially we get a feel for what they are looking for in terms of style, it’s a bonus that we both edit to marry the two together.


What are the golden moments you look for?

We always look for that special family member, there is always one! Grandparents are also an important part of the day, we can usually gauge where the tears will come from early on. Children create a lovely element to any film as they always do something cute or unexpected. Confetti shots are a must in any film these shots just encapsulate the whole day, there is always cheering, laughter, and pure joy!

How do you remain inspired when editing?

Editing can be all-consuming and many people who shoot film, can’t or wont edit as well, as they just don’t like or feel it. (Nu Bride: Quite common with photographers too).

Personally, I think that to create a film that everyone will love and be inspired by you need to have shot that film, this is just my opinion, many people outsource editing if it is these days, so if this is important to you,  it’s a good question to ask your videographer. Shooting and editing are what inspire me  in equal measure and I enjoy seeing a job through to the end.

Live sound  from the day itself  v’s music soundtrack? What works best?

It’s always lovely when watching a video to hear natural sound, it adds feeling and emotion to the film and instantly brings the day back to life.

Music is also a huge part of any film, so think about your soundtrack carefully. When choosing music it may be that you love the song now, but will you still love it in ten years time? We advise that music choices should personal, classic, instrumental or a special song that have meaning to both of you. Take your time in choosing music and think about your venue, your party and your guests. A song can make or break a film.


How much creative control in the final wedding film edit do couples have?


Creative control comes in the form of choosing music, and if there are any particular people you want included in the final edit. The rest is more or less left to the person editing, If after the film is delivered you really hate a clip or want something particular left out we will oblige, its all about the end result and making the couple happy, after all its their film not mine!

How do you know you are editing a film your couple will love?

We know our couples pretty well up to the point of editing, so we have a really good feel for what they expect. We have never (touch wood) let a couple down or disappointed them. I think that as long as you include all the people they love, and capture the emotion and feeling of the day the couple will be happy. Some of our couples have told us that we have captured exactly what the day felt like, which is so satisfying and confirms why we do the job we do.

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