Sassi Holford Twenty17 Bridal Collection

Sassi Holford blew away all of us with catwalk previews of her very poignant Twenty17 Collection, inspired by her late mother last year.  (I’m lucky- I get to see previews a year before you do).

My mum loved everything different and unusual – she was truly one of a kind

So I know you will adore this 2017 collection as much as I do. Fresh, elegant, modern chic and diverse. 

Celebrating 35 years since making her first gown, Sassi Holford is one of the UK’s leading bridal designers with numerous awards and accolades under her belt and with a delicious collection like this, you can see why! 


Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0743 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0744

The ‘Twenty17’ Collection encompasses beautifully fitted fishtails, subtle hints of colour, soft crepe skirts, rose satin belts and wrap coat gowns.

The gowns exquisitely showcase Sassi’s expertise for creating unique and stylish fabric combinations with beautiful silhouettes and shapes. This collection is especially close to Sassi’s heart as she dedicates it to her mother, who sadly lost a short battle with cancer at the beginning of the year.

Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0745 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0746 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0747 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0748 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0749 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0750 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0751 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0752 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0753 Sassi Halford| www.nubride.com_0754

The Twenty17 film showcases Sassi’s key styles from the Twenty17 Collection. Shot in the stunning location of Syon Park in London, the location perfectly complements Sassi’s vision for this years collection. The film focuses on everything about the bride: the dress, how she wears it, how it makes her feel.

To discover more from the Twenty17 Collection please visit

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