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Trying to find something that suits everyone in your bridal party can prove difficult at times, trying to navigate different tastes, different shapes and sizes and sometimes being sensitive to others insecurities. You want your maids to look and feel hot right?

Whilst there is so much choice at the moment, you don’t have to dress your maids in identical outfits or off-the-shelf monotone polyester. There are so many amazing specialist bridesmaids stores now, as well as a huge selection on the high street, that choosing your bridesmaids outfits should be much easier and the results can look amazing!

One thing is for certain, you’d like your bridesmaids to look like the fashionable, modern women that they are. Regardless of shape, size or skin tone there are multiple options out there to allow your girls to look, and feel, their best.

On with the show!


 Dresses by ReverlyImage Source | Photography


Dresses by Donna Morgan via Vow to be Chic | Image Source 

There is a trend currently to insert some serious glamour into your bridal party, by way of glitz and sequins. I think these gold gowns are certainly fit for your best girls, and they look flattering on every skin tone.



Separates via OK Bridal


Twobirds Bridesmaid | Photo: Claire Graham

An easy way to inject some personality into what could be a very uniform line-up, separates can be mixed and matched and dressed in a multitude of ways. Helpful for when there’s a variety of body types to dress, and when your ladies prefer a different fit.



Photography: Benni Carol  | Image Source 


Jumpsuit by Twobirds Bridesmaid | Photography: Kate Nielen

The jumpsuit has come a long way since the 70s, and now looks polished, smart and contemporary. I had the pleasure of trying this sexy jumpsuit fromTwo Birds bridesmaids – it was like wearing night-wear. So light, yet secure and it came in every size for every body shapes with their brilliant multi-way option, whether you opt for sharp tailoring or multi-way, your ladies will be able to wear these to suit their personality and dress style.



 Dresses by Lulus | Photography: Grace & Gold Studios  | Image Source 


Dresses by:  Monsoon, Needle and Thread and Nordstrom | Photography S6 photography

With either a colour scheme carried across a range of styles, or a singular style worn in a variety of colours, this option is the most flexible! Whilst your ladies look part of your team, there’s opportunity to let them express themselves or choose a dress which compliments their size or skin tone.



Dresses Sheike  | Photography: Jimmy Raper Photography | Image Source

Very chic, the choice of white dresses will create a clean, crisp look. Letting your ‘maids shine with you, these dresses can be styled with accessories or just left to speak for themselves. Perfect for fashionable modern ladies!


BohoDresses: Handmade in Sri Lanka | Photography: Cloud Attic Photography |  Image Source

boho2Dresses:Free People Photography: Sleepy Fox PhotographyImage Source 

The Boho trend is one that is going nowhere fast, and with relaxed shapes, over-sized bouquets and subtle styling this style is one you can be sure your bridesmaids will love. Perfect for outdoors, festival and beach weddings, if it’s good enough for Kate Moss…!

Be inspired ladies! Step outside the bridesmaids box!

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Header image: Helen Abraham

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