How to work with Your Wedding Videographer

One of the things you will quickly learn as you enter this wedding planning journey is how much of it is about relationships and working with and managing people! Which isn’t always as easy at it sounds. From family and friends right through to suppliers!  Oh yes.

When it comes to capturing your wedding day and gathering those visual memories, if you can plan ahead and work with your suppliers you can relax on the day, concentrate on what’s important and get the best possible results. 

Today Nu Bride Ambassadors Urban Cinematography are back to share some useful tips about how to work with your cinematographer.

The ultimate goal of all the wedding vendors is to create an amazing day for the wedding couple, although sometimes this isn’t the case, so when choosing vendors make sure they are happy to work together cohesively. This especially applies to videographers and photographers, to get the best from both, there has to be a mutual respect for the others job and a willingness to work together.


We always advise couples do their homework and not just book the first person they see. You always need a comparison to get the best idea of styles and like-for-like costs.  Budget is a big factor and what you get for your money is as important so find out what is include with each service offered.

Be thorough, check their website and see if they have complete wedding film to show or send to you. Viewing a short highlight film is very different to watching an edited film in full.

Never be afraid to ask questions about their experience and previous weddings. Mutual trust between your videographer and yourself is a big factor in helping meet realistic expectations.

When couples first contact us we always ask if they would like to meet us. First impressions are hugely important when you have to work in close proximity and trust who will capture your wedding on film.

Once you have decided who to book, it goes without saying get a contract.

Organisation & Communication

Keep the channels of communication open.

If your videographer sends you an email asking for your music choices in advance, or time schedules, its an important factor in our ‘end production’.

The logistics of wedding’s can be very challenging. For example. Some brides choose to have their bridal preparation quite far from the ceremony location, so schedules are very important in the planning process keeping your videographer informed and happy so we don’t miss any important moments. We are human after all and we want to do the best job for you. The happier and more informed we are, the more artistic we become so its in everyone’s interest keeping the hardworking vendors happy.

Information is key

Following on from above, the best way to get on with your videographer and achieve the best possible film is to give them as much information in advance as possible.

A great film needs a story and the earlier you can decide on details you would like captured, the better.  Sometimes the smallest detail can be added and make a huge difference to the quality of film.

For example, we were once asked to film a bride in her quest to find the perfect wedding dress and attended all her alterations and fittings, as it was a hugely important part of her wedding which she wanted documented. She trusted us to be that closely involved, she really did get the best out of us we were as excited as she was! (Nu Bride: I would have LOVED to have had this done! So special)


Being filmed at any occasion can be very daunting and fills many people with dread.

Accept that it’s going to be part of your day, don’t fight it, just relax and go with the flow and allow your videographers to capture you at your best.

Often couples tell us it was so nice having someone there all the time keeping them calm and a little bit distracted from the enormity of the day with small talk. (We have our uses!) We can often tell if someone is nervous and distraction techniques work very well!

It is a good idea before the wedding to meet have a chat with your videographers or maybe event an engagement film shoot which is quite informal to help get you use to being together and in-front of the camera. All these things help to break the ice. Sometimes companies send different people to film your day from the ones you originally met, so make sure you know who will be filming your wedding so there aren’t any surprises on the day which could throw you off-balance.


Make sure your wedding videographer are fed and watered!! ( Nu Bride: in-fact this applies to a supplier that will be with you all day. They need to eat too!)  Seriously most of the time our days are very long, typically 13/14 hours on your feet, running around, and the worst thing is if we have to ask to be fed or just a simple glass of water!

We don’t expect the wedding couple to look after us, but ensure your planner or venue coordinator in charge has this information. These are very simple things, but make a world of difference in our productivity and enthusiasm.

Many a time we have been booked for 10 hours and worked for 12 or 13 hours free of charge just because we have enjoyed the wedding so much and our bride and groom have been a joy to work with.

Prepping your wedding guests

This is quite a tricky area as it would be impossible to let every single guest know you have booked a videographer, most guests take it as a given that there will be a photographer and videographer at your wedding so don’t worry too much about letting people know in advance.

The one thing we make sure the couple know from the offset is that we will never film while guests are eating and advise them to make arrangements to film speeches and any entertainment to that follow on from your wedding meal.  Nobody wants a camera pointed at them while they are enjoying the long-awaited meal. (Nu Bride: it’s also a good opportunity to feed your suppliers and let them refuel too!)

Final tips

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and try to relax. This will show in the film, we always encourage laughter, jokes and smiles, and we often have a little laughter and a joke ourselves. Never take the whole day too seriously, enjoy the moment with family and friends, hopefully it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Fabulous tips Jo and Apos. Thank you so much!

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