All Inclusive Caribbean Honeymoon Inspiration | Busting Myths with Sandals Resorts

I don’t know about you, but I am dreaming of sunshine, (preferably accompanied with heat!) right now. 

All inclusive honeymoons and holidays can either be someones paradise or someones nightmare and they can have a reputation for preventing visitors from experiencing the true beauty and history of an island.

There are thoughts around that if you choose to have a honeymoon or even a luxury holiday and indulge in the all inclusive experience that you are missing out on experiencing the true culture of your destination.

2016 Nu Bride Ambassadors Sandals Resorts have an exceptional reputation for luxury-all inclusive honeymoons. So for their final Ambassador piece I invited them to bust some myths about all-inclusive Caribbean honeymoons and share their thoughts and tips.

Jamaican family owned Sandals Resorts offer two people in love with the most romantic, Luxury-Included® holiday experience in the Caribbean. With 15 stunning beachfront settings in Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, The Bahamas, Barbados and Grenada, Sandals Resorts offers more quality inclusions than any other resort company on the planet.   

Bust some common myths about all inclusive honeymoons

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There is obviously a common misconception that staying in an all-inclusive prevents you from experiencing the country outside of the resort; however this is far from the case. At Sandals, we strongly feel that the kind of experience a guest has outside of the resort is equally as important as those within it. We are a Caribbean company and so we are keen to share our beautiful islands with visitors.

Our tour and excursion company Island Routes, aims to find the greatest opportunities for visitors to go out and see the sights and sounds and make it as appealing as possible by offering local activities operated by local people. Not only does it open people’s eyes to the joys to be found away from the resort but also keeps the local economy buzzing.

There is absolutely no question that the larger hotel groups such as ours have the resources and influence to do great things and those suggesting we don’t are wide off the mark.

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We’ve created interactive Island Routes booths at most of our properties which show guests what they can see and do and we are seeing more and more people wanting to venture out. But importantly it gives them the peace of mind that they’re looking for. Without it they might not even go to a destination in the first place.

Through our charity, the Sandals Foundation, we’ve long been devising ways of doing both and encouraging our guests to come out into the communities with us and play a part. Whether it be reading to young children or taking part in environmental work we’ve helped make it appealing and accessible and are seeing more and more people wanting to take part. Our work on the properties has encouraged people to give to the Foundation and we’ve seen a rise in donations. Properties can raise thousands of pounds every month which is pumped straight back into the community and we’re offering people ways of seeing where their money has gone.


Why visit the Caribbean?

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The reasons are endless! From Jamaica’s warm reggae pulse to the Bahamas’ sophisticated beat and from St. Lucia’s volcanic majesty, Antigua’s exotic allure, the spice aromas of Grenada and Barbados’ vibrancy and charm, the Caribbean truly has something for everyone.

If white sand and crystal clear water are your thing, the Caribbean offers beaches that are usually reserved for daydreams.

If, like most people, you’re seeking some sun for your holiday, the Caribbean rarely lets us down with its tropical climate and year round temperatures of around 29°C to 31°C. Sun-worshippers will be happy, but the constant sea breezes also mean that the heat won’t be too unbearable for those more used to cooler weather!

Another myth that I’d like to bust is that the Caribbean should only be visited during its ‘dry season’. The low season or so-called “rainy season” in the Caribbean happens to fall over the summer months (May to October) but this definitely shouldn’t put couples off honeymooning at this time of year.

In reality, the summer months provide longer hours of sunlight, higher average temperatures ranging between 27° -32° and only the occasional brief rain shower in the afternoon – they can actually be a welcome relief from the heat!

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The Caribbean is in truth a year round holiday destination. With summer being the peak wedding season in the UK, opting for a Caribbean honeymoon at this time of year is a great way to keep costs down.

If you love the thought of observing nature in its pure and undisturbed state, then the Caribbean is your very own wonderland. From bird watching to whale sightings, the Caribbean offers something for every nature enthusiast.

If you also want to enjoy a bit of luxury on your honeymoon, the Caribbean will give you a taste of the tropics with a touch of luxury and the practicalities that come with a great all-inclusive.

The Caribbean is also made for adrenaline junkies, with an array of land and watersports for you to enjoy.

What are Sandals Resorts three most popular resorts and why?

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The most popular resort options for weddings and honeymoons would be Sandals Barbados followed closely by Sandals Grande Antigua and Sandals Halcyon Beach (Saint Lucia).

Barbados is obviously a top destination for British holiday makers and so an extremely popular choice for all of our guests, which is reflected across the wedding and honeymoon market.

Sandals Grande Antigua has won numerous awards for being the most romantic resort in the Caribbean, which clearly means it appeals to the romantic at heart! Sandals Grande Antigua has a vast variety of stunning ceremony locations for weddings and renewal of vows, from the long stretch of beach to the luscious botanical gardens and gazebos that decorate the property. There are some real hidden gems to choose from away from the more obvious! The Eastern Caribbean also holds great interest to the British due to its ties with the British Commonwealth. Many enjoy the Eastern Caribbean for not only its natural rare beauty and diversity, but for its historical interest.

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Sandals Halcyon Beach truly embraces the quintessential Caribbean. It’s one of our smaller and quieter resorts and features classic island architecture, with no builder taller than the highest palm. Gardens of vibrant ginger plants, birds of paradise and exotic fruit trees surround irresistible pools, creating a backdrop of awe-inspiring beauty, ideal for weddings and honeymoons.

What can couples expect when choosing to honeymoon at Sandals Resorts?

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Sandals Resorts is completely dedicated to couples in love and that’s why a Sandals tropical honeymoon is the kind of honeymoon newlyweds dream about. Only Sandals offers the ultimate honeymoon locations for Luxury Included® (all-inclusive) honeymoon packages in the Caribbean, with luxurious accommodations and the best land and watersports – from golf to scuba diving, and an array of top gourmet dining options through its Discovery Dining programme. The best part is that Sandals romantic honeymoon holidays are all-inclusive, which means newlyweds can leave their worries and wallet behind and spend their honeymoon dedicated to each other.

The below package is complimentary for all newlyweds spending their honeymoon at a Sandals resort:

  • A Bubbly Welcome: A bottle of chilled sparkling wine elegantly arranged in your room to toast your future.
  • A Romantic Gesture: A special turndown service that includes flower petals on your bed on the first evening of your honeymoon.
  • Wake up to Wedded Bliss: Delight in a delivery of a decadent breakfast in bed one morning of your choice.

To qualify for the all-inclusive Caribbean Honeymoon Package, all newlyweds have to do is check-in online after booking their honeymoon. The offer is valid for travel within 30-days of their wedding date.

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Thank you so much for busting those myths for us!

For more information on luxury Caribbean all-inclusive holidays please visit Sandals Resorts, or if you are London bound pop into their delicious interactive luxury travel store in Chelsea

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