Wedding and Honeymoon Skin Care Tips: Luxury Beauty Must Haves

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Today, 2016-17 Nu Bride Ambassador and beauty and skin care expert, Joyce Connor joins us to share some brilliant tips to ensure you give your skin the best chance this season heading from a cold winter wedding into sunnier climates for your honeymoon (or vice versa!).

Each season affects our skin differently, so it’s important to know how to continue looking after it when your environment changes, especially drastically.

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Having a winter wedding in the UK can make you want to head straight for the sunshine to soak up some rays to warm you up again. Your beauty regime will need to change to accommodate leaving one climate for another. The harsh cold winter can play havoc on your skin and leave it needing a lot more nourishment and hydration. If you’re heading to a hotter climate, then your skin needs some preparation before you jet off into the sunshine.

Start preparing your skin at least a month before the wedding/honeymoon. It takes about 28 days for the skin renewal cycle to be complete. An additional 10 minutes in the bath or shower weekly will make all the difference to the end results.



Skin exfoliation is the best way of removing dull dry skin. Spas offer full body exfoliation as a treat or you can do a DIY home treatment. Giving your body a scrub helps it to absorb moisturiser more easily. During winter months, you should aim to have a face and exfoliation at least once a week. In winter, we tend to have hotter showers and baths which dry out the surface layers of your skin.

Please take care when using exfoliants if you have sensitive skin. Over exfoliation can cause sensitisation too.

Must need products:

There are many new exfoliants on the market now ranging from gentle powders and liquid glycolic acids to salt based scrubs for your body. Choose the best one for your skin type. Abrasive exfoliants and salt scrubs are best for body use only.

Joyce recommends: Caudalie Divine Body Scrub

the ultimate buffing cloth

Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth


3D Moisture Infusion (high res)

Don’t forget after you exfoliate your face to use a nourishing or hydrating masque and leave it on for 10 minutes. Central heating and car fans dehydrates the skin on your face, so try to have a can of hydrating water spray handy in your bag and use this throughout the day.

Joyce recommends: Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask



creme brulee Souffle body creme

Daily moisturising should be increased in winter because your skin gets dehydrated by environmental factors. If you have oily skin, you should still use a moisturiser but an oil free one is recommended. Oil rich moisturisers such as soufflé’s and body butters can be used on your feet as well as legs and body.

For Darker skin tones: Darker skin tends to get ashy in colder climates because of the hard water, especially in the south of the UK. Daily moisturising can help to keep skin soft and supple ready for your swimwear.

Must need products:

The most important honeymoon beauty product is sunscreen. Sun protection is needed when travelling to a sunny country after a few months in a cold climate. All skins need sun protection, a minimum SPF15 (sun protection factor) is recommended for all skin tones.

Myth darker skins don’t need an SPF.

Fact the sun causes skin damage and burning to all skin tones. Absolutely. Yes you can read more about how to protect your skin and stay safe in the sun here.

Joyce recommends: Ultrasun

Ultrasun Honeymoon collection

Laura Mercier Soufflé Body Cream

Top Tips

  • There are so many products on the market ask for professional advice if you’re not sure which one to choose.
  • Don’t leave it to close to the wedding to try something new just in case you have an allergic reaction. If you normally have sensitive skin, always patch test the product behind your ear first.
  • Treat yourself to a professional full body scrub and then continue them weekly at home.
  • Oily skins need gentle non-abrasive exfoliation, for drier skins go for the glycolic peels.
  • Take extra caution when using oil based products in the bath or shower as they can make the surface very slippery.

Tips to die for! Take note ladies. Take note.

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