Nothing Fancy, Just Love: Intimate Bath Wedding | Simon Biffen Photography

This wedding in Bath had me at hello.

Submitted by the talented Simon Biffen  who is a photographer I had the pleasure of meeting recently, whose passion for capturing real authentic moments is truly wonderful to witness.

Why did I love this wedding so much when I clapped my eyes on it?

Because it had a guest list of just three.

Yes you read right.

The bride and groom and the couples gorgeous son and it is just the most glorious and intimate wedding, focused around nothing more but them, their world and their love for each other.

Nothing fancy, just love.


We are not the types for a big white wedding, so an intimate day seemed like the perfect fit for us. Karin

Meet the very beautiful Karin of Estonian heritage, looking effortlessly gorgeous in her ASOS wedding dress and stylish husband Tyrone and their gorgeous son. They wanted nothing more than to dedicate their lives to each other, with the people who matter most present; just the three of them at a deliciously intimate autumn wedding.

Just gorgeous. Discover more from Karin.

The Proposal

160926_karin-and-tyrone_196 160926_karin-and-tyrone_194 160926_karin-and-tyrone_198 160926_karin-and-tyrone_185 160926_karin-and-tyrone_213

Tyrone and I met through mutual friends 10 years ago when Karin moved to the UK.  It was a warm summer’s evening and the three of us (including our son) went to explore a woodland in Hertfordshire.

We were walking through the woodland and arrived at a beautiful field with the sun just going down.

Our son was happily running around and as I turned around Tyrone was on one knee with a ring in his hand.

Despite his nerves, he made a beautiful speech that took us back 10 years.


Coming Together


We are not the types for a big white wedding, so an intimate day seemed like the perfect fit for us.

Besides all other reasons (families in different parts of the world, not keen on huge amount of attention) an intimate day for just the three of us sounded so romantic and felt just right.

We both liked the idea of a rustic autumn wedding with a boho style and nothing too formal, we used Pinterest. A. LOT.
160926_karin-and-tyrone_4160926_karin-and-tyrone_13 160926_karin-and-tyrone_14 160926_karin-and-tyrone_26 160926_karin-and-tyrone_29
160926_karin-and-tyrone_30 160926_karin-and-tyrone_36


Simon is a fantastic photographer.

Since we had a very intimate wedding day (with just the three of us), Simon was not only our photographer but also a witness.

He made our day so much fun and having him as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding day.

He captured the story of our day beautifully with real emotions.

The Dress:

160926_karin-and-tyrone_32 160926_karin-and-tyrone_33 160926_karin-and-tyrone_34 160926_karin-and-tyrone_40

Finding the dress was difficult because I wanted a relaxed/almost casual dress, but still special.

I tried to find a relaxed boho style dress in bridal shops, but there were hardly any – then I came about ASOS bridal section and found exactly what I had been looking for. I realised a wedding dress doesn’t need to be expensive to feel/look right. 

The suit:

160926_karin-and-tyrone_38 160926_karin-and-tyrone_61
Tell us about your wedding dress / outfit, what made you choose it? Was it hard to find?

After finding some inspiration online, we decided on a burgundy and blue colour theme for the suit and tie to match with the autumnal look. My brides dress was white, with a flower crown with burgundy autumnal flowers in it.

160926_karin-and-tyrone_179 160926_karin-and-tyrone_173160926_karin-and-tyrone_47

Both the groom and the ring bearer (our son), had matching looks, with a blue suit, burgundy tie and brown shoes.

Your Day


We decided to marry in Bath at the  Bath and North East Somerset register office, followed by a Botanical Gardens at Victoria Park and stayed at a lovely cottage in Priston village topped off with an evening walk over the village fields.

160926_karin-and-tyrone_109 160926_karin-and-tyrone_95 160926_karin-and-tyrone_101

We had a very simple ceremony at the Bath register office. The intimate ceremony we shared between us felt very special, as well as having our son there as a ring bearer.

The whole day was wonderful. From getting ready to the evening walk in Priston village

The funniest moment of our day was definitely having great fun with questions/games during the photoshoot and dragging my dress around when it was pouring down. (Nu Bride: You would never know Karin!)

160926_karin-and-tyrone_100 160926_karin-and-tyrone_101 160926_karin-and-tyrone_104160926_karin-and-tyrone_extra_1 160926_karin-and-tyrone_extra_2 160926_karin-and-tyrone_extra_3 160926_karin-and-tyrone_extra_4 160926_karin-and-tyrone_111160926_karin-and-tyrone_20 160926_karin-and-tyrone_17

One tip to other couples

Go with what feels like “you”.

160926_karin-and-tyrone_127 160926_karin-and-tyrone_129 160926_karin-and-tyrone_130 160926_karin-and-tyrone_132
160926_karin-and-tyrone_139 160926_karin-and-tyrone_144 160926_karin-and-tyrone_146 160926_karin-and-tyrone_147 160926_karin-and-tyrone_141 160926_karin-and-tyrone_142 160926_karin-and-tyrone_149 160926_karin-and-tyrone_154 160926_karin-and-tyrone_148 160926_karin-and-tyrone_157 160926_karin-and-tyrone_160 160926_karin-and-tyrone_158 160926_karin-and-tyrone_163 160926_karin-and-tyrone_166 160926_karin-and-tyrone_177 160926_karin-and-tyrone_176


The Talent

Photographer: Simon Biffen 

Venue: Bath & North East Somerset Register Office, Botanical Gardens in Victoria Park

Bride’s Fashion:  Dress / Outfit:  Dress: ASOS   | Shoes: Dune 

Accessories: Flower crown was handmade by the bride

Shoes:  Dune

Makeup: Amy Peters 

 Hair: Brides own

Groom’s Fashion: Suit & Shoes: Next

Shirt, tie from TM Lewin

Page Boy outfits: Suit from:Next 

Personal Touches: The cake was a gift

Flowers and Décor:  Pulteney Bridge Flowers

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One Response to “Nothing Fancy, Just Love: Intimate Bath Wedding | Simon Biffen Photography”

  1. Heather
    December 23, 2016 at 9:19 am #

    I cannot believe I missed this beautiful wedding when Nova first posted it. You all are a beautiful family and you crafted the most perfect intimate wedding in Bath. Straight out of a story book. The pictures or more importantly the love and comfort so evident in every picture brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I, both admire your gorgeous family and dapper/ethereal style. We were also together for almost 9 years building our lives together when he proposed. Thank you for sharing your special day with all of us. Wishing you three all the best as you enter this next phase of your life together. Many Blessings and joy to your family. -Heather