A New Look for Nu Bride

You may have noticed something a little bit different around here!

Yes a shiny new logo.

Lord this logo refresh was like giving birth! (well, maybe not quite!)

In under two months time, Nu Bride will be celebrating a whopping five years! Seems unbelievable as the time has absolutely flown by. From the magnitude of opportunities, the incredible people I’ve met, to my delicious supporters, readers and sponsors. It has grown in so many ways I never imagined.

With some exciting projects in store (more about those soon) and just shy off the 5th year anniversary, I knew it was time for logo refresh, one that encapsulates everything the brand has grown into.

With the vision and design from the brilliant (and very patient!) Becky Lord Design and the help of typeface king Simon Stratford; here’s the new Nu Bride!

Nu Bride

Keen to keep the red, strong, passionate and chic, we decided to go for a richer more luxurious berry red, with some glamorous hints of gold.

I truly hope you like it! The start of many exciting things to come!

Much love


One Response to “A New Look for Nu Bride”

  1. Jasmine
    November 17, 2016 at 10:29 am #

    The new logo is really beautiful and stylish. Happy blog anniversary in advance!