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This Couple are too cute for words!

Meet Regina and Brian, with the most infectious smiles you will ever see!

Brian proposed to Regina almost a year ago on romantic trip to Iceland last year!

They travelled all the way from Singapore to Ontario, Canada to have their engagement photographs back to the city where they first fell in love!

They chose Martins Family Fruit Farm as their very cute backdrop.

Discover more from talented photographer Mariam of Kingdom photography who had the pleasure of capturing their shoot: 

Brian and Regina came all the way from Singapore to have their engagement photos taken in the city where they first fell in love! They met a few years ago while studying at the University of Waterloo.

When Regina first contacted me and told me she was coming all the way from Singapore, my first thought was, “how in the world did she find me?” It turns out that recommendations can go a long way (literally!). A friend she went to university with had heard of Kingdom Photography and mentioned it to her.

When meeting Brian and Regina, I thought they were such a friendly and outgoing couple! The apple orchard was a perfect setting to capture their fun personalities.

Something I thought was pretty funny was how they both couldn’t believe that the apple orchard had no fence surrounding it… they wondered how it’s possible that no one comes to steal the apples!

“This is Canada,” I said. (Nu Bride: LOL!)

“I know people who never lock their front doors!”

They were both so stunned. Thank God for this safe country! 

Engaged, and more in love than ever, Brian and Regina are making new memories while walking old paths

From Regina:

How you met

Kingdom Photography

We were from different universities in Singapore and we met while on exchange programme in University of Western Ontario, Canada during Fall of 2010!  (Nu Bride: Of all the places in the world to meet. Fate!)

Proposal Story?

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Brian proposed while we were on to Iceland last year.

Brian had prepared a pretty impressive speech but was too nervous to say it on the spot, so he ended up just kneeling down on one knee and popped the question! (Nu Bride: Short and sweet!)

Once we got back home, he showed me a video he created with all the pictures taken of us together over the years, where he shared the sweetest speech ever. 

Kingdom Photography

Favourite things about each other?

apple-orchard-waterloo-engagement26 apple-orchard-waterloo-engagement19

Brian is the most sincere and patient person I’ve met. He puts me before himself and is constantly on the look out for my well being.

apple-orchard-waterloo-engagement33apple-orchard-waterloo-engagement8 apple-orchard-waterloo-engagement6

What are you looking forward to most about marrying each other?


As cliche as it sounds, to spend the rest of our lives together! (Nu Bride: That sounds pretty awesome to me!)

We both love travelling, so we’re looking forward to exploring different parts of the world together. 


The Talent

Kingdom Photography

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    October 31, 2016 at 7:06 pm #

    This is adorable. Great job Kingdom Photography!