Wedding Floral Extravagence: Botleys Mansion Wedding Flowers with Amie Bone Flowers

You will know by now I love a wedding! Especially when I am invited to attend by a couple, or Nu Bride Ambassador.

With Sanshine Photography in tow, I had the pleasure of going behind the scenes at a pretty exceptional wedding with Amie Bone Flowers  who are celebrating an amazing 10 years in business this year.

When Amie invited me to one of her weddings, for her, it was an obvious choice which one to choose.  Amie spoke so fondly of her wedding couple; Lauren and Joe, who were kind enough to let me share in their special day. They had an incredibly beautiful, elegant white-themed celebration at the very grand Botelys Mansion in Chertsey and boy did they invest in their flowers!


Lauren truly valued investing in her wedding flowers and this incredible floral transformation at Botelys Mansion sums it all up.

I believe flowers completely capture the romance of a wedding and I couldn’t imagine our wedding without a completely extravagant display of them. We also love the way scent can evoke memories and flowers are a huge part of that. Lauren

botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-2Up to mischief, as usual!

Producing wedding florals of this magnitude is no easy feat and takes exceptional vision, creativity, talent and stamina!

With Amie and her talented team in place, they came up with this incredible concept and transformed Botleys Orangery natural light haven, into a floral delight.


The staircase looked so feminine and dreamy on such a spectacular summers day this season.

It took a whopping three days to build and certainly kept them on their toes and as usual they pulled out all the stops (in 30 degree heat!)

botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-3 botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-21botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-29 botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-27 botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-30 botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-33botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-34

I love quietly watching Team Bone in action. Like swans, there is a controlled calmness that is present, never frantic, always quietly calm (on the surface at least –  I KNOW they make it look a lot easier than it is).

The clean and pure elegance of white-on-white looked exceptional. My words won’t do it justice, so I will let San’s behind the scenes images do the talking.

botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-6 botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-9 botleys-mansion-wedding-amie-bone-flowers-14

Lauren Says: 

I chose Amie because I completely fell in love with her work the moment I saw her stand at a wedding exhibition. It was exactly the sort of “all-encompassing” look I was going for and it blew everyone else out the water.

On speaking to Amie I knew she would be able to take my vision and make it even better than I could imagine.

Amie has a real energy and passion and for someone who is obsessed with detail like me, I knew that Amie would make sure that every single aspect was done with care and complete attention to detail, as if she was decorating for her own wedding.

Plus she is very much a yes-person!


In planning our wedding I have come across a lot of people whose first answer is “that wouldn’t be possible” but Amie has always said yes and that means we can reach dizzying heights of extravagance when it comes to the floral designs! The Church arch for one is going to be breath-taking.


Lauren continues…

When I first saw the flowers on the stairs in the entrance to Botleys, I saw Amie at the bottom of the stairs and I completely choked up. They completely blew me away and the whole thing made me cry (I’m an emotional wreck at the best of times!)….  And the arch in the church was unbelievable. I’ve never seen such an imposing and yet beautiful focal point at any other weddings I’ve been to. 


Whilst planning I was trying to visually encapsulate so much (timeless elegance, country glamour, fine art visuals, slightly “undone”) and the flowers did all of that and more. It was definitely one of the main things people commented on on the day and set against the backdrop of the incredible weather we had, I can only describe it as a dream.


Let me tell you, it truly was breathtaking.

Team Bone, another standing ovation to you!

And to gorgeous Lauren and Joe, once again, thank you for extending your kind invitation to me on such a special day. Truly a sight to behold and a wedding I will not forget!

The Talent

Sanshine Photography

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